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Friday Quotes

I ran across this quote and wanted to share it with you. It resonated with me.

“If you’re doing something you care that much about, and you believe in its purpose deeply enough, then it’s impossible to imagine not trying to make it great. It’s just a given.”

From the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

I want to change “make it great” to “doing it with excellence.”. I believe this with all my heart and try to carry this truth into every area of my life!
What about you?

Even the Mundane

Ever since I started blogging I’ve noticed how many things I can actually blog about.  Anything could be a blog.  Heck, I’m blogging about how anything can be a blog. 


The cool thing is that even in the mundane moments I’m thinking about how I could make it into a blog, which is great for me because I can get very bored in the mundane moments of my life. 


Take, brushing your teeth, for example.  I hate brushing my teeth.  It’s such a waste of time, but it must be done.  Therefore, I’ve changed the way I look at brushing my teeth and use the time to try and think of a clever way to tie it into a blog… (More to come on that subject in the future)


What about filling your tank with gas?  So boring!  But as the orange, digital numbers flip by there’s a lesson to be learned.  You just have to be willing to search it out. 


What are some mundane moments in your life you can spice up with a little thought? 

Christmas in July?

Is it just me or does it seem that Christmas comes earlier and earlier with each passing year?

Not the date, mind you, but the decorations, the music, the shopping, and that general festive feeling that the holiday brings…

Use to, it wasn’t until a couple weeks before Christmas that everyone started putting up their trees and lights, preparing for the happy occasion. Now days, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, or maybe even before that we turn our minds to the Christmas holiday.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this just the other night. She made a good point when she said that Christmas is viewed as a joyful time and since the majority of our population live lives of quiet desparation, clinging to that joyful feeling of Christmas has almost become a way of survival. Like a band-aid on a bleeding wound, it will only work so long…

Do you think we put too much stock into the “feeling” of Christmas?

When do your Christmas decorations go up?

A FedEx Fiasco

“We have a crisis,” she said. 

My ears perked up as Kassie, our host team coordinator explained the FedEx people failed to send our campus’ talk notes to the right location. 

It was 4:15 on a Saturday afternoon.  Our first experience started at 5:30 and we didn’t have talk notes! (Our church’s bulletin and message notes given to each person who walks through the door.)

I got the directions to the FedEx location where the waylaid packages were supposedly waiting to be claimed, and sped down the highway feeling confident we’d make it in time.

I walked through the door where no one greeted me.  I knocked on the counter and shouted a “hello?” but no one came.  For five minutes I waited, watching as the seconds on my watch ticked away and the beat of my heart pounded with intensity.

Finally someone showed.  But her rude tone did nothing to make me think she would be much help.

I needed a tracking number.  I didn’t have a tracking number.  I called my boss and over a period of ten minutes got the wrong number, called him back to reread it, and finally found the packages in the system. 

“I’ll go out and look, but there’s no reason to think I’ll find them,” the ill-mannered FedEx lady said.

By now it was reaching into the five o’clock hour so I began to pray.

Very gently I felt the Lord speak to my heart.

“When have I ever let you down?”


“Trust Me.”

About that time she appeared with two boxes.  Our talk notes.  The sigh of relief came deep within my belly.  And what’s more, the woman warmed to me and I actually got to invite her to church!

This is somewhat of a minor issue.  Would it have been the end of the world if we didn’t get our talk notes?  Probably not.  But the principle is what matters.  God specializes in coming through at the last minute.  I actually think He gets pleasure in sweeping in just when we’re ready to give up, reminding us we can do nothing without Him.

Have you had similar experiences where God has come through at the last minute? 

Settles at the Bottom

I had a couple days off and during the time my mind reeled with new thoughts and discoveries.  This week I will share all that God has shown me.  I’m really excited!  I hope these discoveries speak to you as they did me. 

My first realization came the other night when I was at Barnes and Noble. 

I’d been sitting at my table for a while and picked up my cup of cafe mocha.  I noticed, as I took a drink, that most of the good stuff had settled at the bottom of my cup.  So I gently swirled it hoping the motion would wake the dormant spices that make the drink taste so good. 

I drank again and noticed an immense difference.  A sweeter, richer, more potent sip excited my taste buds, causing my mind to think…

How often do I let my “spice” settle at the bottom?  Sometimes I allow the busyness of life to settle my passion, making me less effective.  I need a little swirl.  A little something to shake me up when sitting too long has caused me to become complacent. 

But will I recognize this swirl for what it is?  Or will I complain that it’s just another suffering I have to walk through, trying not to get too shaken up, when that was the point in the first place…

What do you think? 

Connectivity (3 of 3)

As I reflect on our obsession to connect I cannot forget the very reason we were made with this synaptic craving.

The Creator carries in Himself the very desire to connect and He placed it in each of us when He put us together.

So while modern technology has made it incredibly easy to connect with those around us (I wrote this blog from my phone!) we cannot forget to connect with the One who made it all possible.

His desire is for us.

So among the turkey, the pumpkin pies, and the family craziness, don’t forget to stop and spend some time connecting to our Lord, our Savior, our Love.

Our ability to truly connect depends on Him.

Connectivity (2 of 3)

I hate to say it.  But I didn’t actually leave my phone at home today.  Disappointed? 

I would be, had I not learned a very important lesson: we were made to connect!  

Here are a few things I would’ve missed had I gone through with my challenge

A text from a friend inviting me to dinner…

A call from my Mom who gave me some very good advice…

An invite to a movie with a new friend…

A text from a friend who was bored and needed someone to talk to…

A call from my sister, just to see what I was doing…  

God says you want to love Me?  Love others.  You want to connect with Me, connect with others.  I’ve realized what a full life I can have when I open myself up to the people around me.  When I let them see my hurt, my burdens, my joys!  When I make a conscious effort to connect. 

We weren’t made to do life alone.  We were made to connect with others. 

Tell me your thoughts on the matter of connecting…

Connectivity (1 of 3)

I’m going to try an experiment today. 

I plan on leaving my phone at home.  I want to turn it off and leave it sitting on my bedside table.  Why the sudden, rash decision to live so outside the norm? 

I’ve recently realized how addicted I’ve become to my phone. 

It’s not just that.  I’m addicted to the feeling of connection.  The idea came, when, yesterday, I realized I hadn’t been recieving my text messages.  In a panic, I called AT&T to set my plan straight.  What I realized during that time of complete social dryness is that I hinge so much of my identity on other people.  I put so much stock in the volume of my connectivity that I feel like I miss the point. 

So, I want to see if I could go a whole day without it.   

Here are a few thoughts running through my head right now…

What if someone wants to get a hold of me?

What if I miss an opportunity?

What if I get in a wreck and have no way to call someone for help? (This is an actual fear, so I plan on driving very carefully today.) (…because I don’t drive carefully every other day?  Whatever.)

I want my identity to be in one Thing, one Person.  This is my crazy way of making sure that happens.  Think I can do it?

Hit’s the Spot


Don’t you just love it when something hits the spot?  I just sat down to write after ordering a tall café mocha at Star Bucks.  My usual drink is coffee.  It’s cheaper with fewer calories than the fancy drinks yet still gives me that warm coffee shop feeling. 


But tonight I decided to treat myself.  The smooth chocolate flavored drink hit the spot.  It completely satisfied my craving for something warm and rich and soothing. 


What is it about certain things that hit the spot?  They seem to come at just the right moment and fill some deep, indescribable hole you didn’t even know you had making you smile that goofy satisfied smile and whisper, more to yourself than anyone else, “oohh, that hits the spot.” 


What hits the spot for you? 

They Say there’s a First for Everything…

I remember the first time I rode my bike without the training wheels. 

My family and I were camping out in one of those obscure, small-town camp sites.  The ones where the bathroom is a mile away, and the closest thing to running water is when my big brother would hold down the spout of the cooler we brought with us.  

My Dad had been working with me on my bike for over a week but I just couldn’t get the balance right. 

Finally, in the cool of the morning, as the leaves were turning colors, and the smell of the camp fire hung thick in the air, I pushed off and rode without Dad holding on.  The feeling of freedom was exhilarating.  

I’ve had many more firsts since then.  Especially this year.  My first kiss.  My first boyfriend.  (and my frist break up) My first real job.  But I’m learning that many more firsts are yet to come.  That is what I hope to capture here.  L.E.s or Life Experiences as Scott Williams would call them.  (Thanks for the guest blog opportunity!)   So read and comment, or just read and enjoy.  I love to write, I hope you will love to read. 

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