Connectivity (2 of 3)

I hate to say it.  But I didn’t actually leave my phone at home today.  Disappointed? 

I would be, had I not learned a very important lesson: we were made to connect!  

Here are a few things I would’ve missed had I gone through with my challenge

A text from a friend inviting me to dinner…

A call from my Mom who gave me some very good advice…

An invite to a movie with a new friend…

A text from a friend who was bored and needed someone to talk to…

A call from my sister, just to see what I was doing…  

God says you want to love Me?  Love others.  You want to connect with Me, connect with others.  I’ve realized what a full life I can have when I open myself up to the people around me.  When I let them see my hurt, my burdens, my joys!  When I make a conscious effort to connect. 

We weren’t made to do life alone.  We were made to connect with others. 

Tell me your thoughts on the matter of connecting…

6 Responses to “Connectivity (2 of 3)”

  • D.A. says:

    It just goes to show that it is not the things(cell phone) that are bad but it’s the way we use them or let them use us. Sounds like you learned from your little short lived experiment.D.A.

  • Ahhhh! It’s cool to read your blog and to hear your perspectives; however it is kinda weird, it’s like I am reading my daughters blog. Ouch, I know how Dirk and Robin must feel!

  • Mom says:

    Hey Scott,

    She IS like your daughter, and Dirk and I are glad for it!

    Anna – I’ll want to hear some more about some of those texts 😉

    I talk on my phone a LOT! But, it’s the way I stay in touch with my family and friends.

  • brittney pirtle says:

    i’d have to agree with you anna… we are made to love each other and be there for one another… i don’t think i would have made it through that experiment either. i will turn around if i am half way to my destination to get my cell phone if i forget it! just think, if i would have just said “forget it… i don’t need my phone,” the day you texted me about the life group, i would have missed out on a life changing experience… we are blessed to be a blessing… :-)

  • Anna says:

    Brittney-I’m so glad you came! I hope to see you again this Tuesday!

  • Andy says:

    This resonates with my heart as of late to connect with the body of Christ in Biblical Community like the ACTS church. Notice in the Bible it’s simply “the church at ephesus” or “the church at corinth” there is no “lifechurch” or “baptist church” or “methodist church” there is only the body of Christ.

    In my heart Adonai has been fostering a longing for youth ministry and to live closely with over believers in Biblical community. The same thing has been on my friend Clay’s heart for about 2 years now. Hes been wanting to setup a community house for believers of The Way where we could have free teachings and prayer meetings and just do life together with other followers of Christ.

    Don’t know why I’m typing this here but what you said just reminded me of that vision.

    May the peace and the love of the Lord follow you

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