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Connectivity (2 of 3)

I hate to say it.  But I didn’t actually leave my phone at home today.  Disappointed? 

I would be, had I not learned a very important lesson: we were made to connect!  

Here are a few things I would’ve missed had I gone through with my challenge

A text from a friend inviting me to dinner…

A call from my Mom who gave me some very good advice…

An invite to a movie with a new friend…

A text from a friend who was bored and needed someone to talk to…

A call from my sister, just to see what I was doing…  

God says you want to love Me?  Love others.  You want to connect with Me, connect with others.  I’ve realized what a full life I can have when I open myself up to the people around me.  When I let them see my hurt, my burdens, my joys!  When I make a conscious effort to connect. 

We weren’t made to do life alone.  We were made to connect with others. 

Tell me your thoughts on the matter of connecting…

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