A FedEx Fiasco

“We have a crisis,” she said. 

My ears perked up as Kassie, our host team coordinator explained the FedEx people failed to send our campus’ talk notes to the right location. 

It was 4:15 on a Saturday afternoon.  Our first experience started at 5:30 and we didn’t have talk notes! (Our church’s bulletin and message notes given to each person who walks through the door.)

I got the directions to the FedEx location where the waylaid packages were supposedly waiting to be claimed, and sped down the highway feeling confident we’d make it in time.

I walked through the door where no one greeted me.  I knocked on the counter and shouted a “hello?” but no one came.  For five minutes I waited, watching as the seconds on my watch ticked away and the beat of my heart pounded with intensity.

Finally someone showed.  But her rude tone did nothing to make me think she would be much help.

I needed a tracking number.  I didn’t have a tracking number.  I called my boss and over a period of ten minutes got the wrong number, called him back to reread it, and finally found the packages in the system. 

“I’ll go out and look, but there’s no reason to think I’ll find them,” the ill-mannered FedEx lady said.

By now it was reaching into the five o’clock hour so I began to pray.

Very gently I felt the Lord speak to my heart.

“When have I ever let you down?”


“Trust Me.”

About that time she appeared with two boxes.  Our talk notes.  The sigh of relief came deep within my belly.  And what’s more, the woman warmed to me and I actually got to invite her to church!

This is somewhat of a minor issue.  Would it have been the end of the world if we didn’t get our talk notes?  Probably not.  But the principle is what matters.  God specializes in coming through at the last minute.  I actually think He gets pleasure in sweeping in just when we’re ready to give up, reminding us we can do nothing without Him.

Have you had similar experiences where God has come through at the last minute? 

7 Responses to “A FedEx Fiasco”

  • anne jackson says:

    just this morning…i think he was holding out on me, but he knew i would need the reminder. :)

  • “Would it have been the end of the world if we didn’t get our talk notes? Probably not.” Yes, but are you sure? (grin)

  • Cindy Beall says:

    Anna, what good words. Thanks for the story. I agree that He sometimes waits until OUR last minute. Kinda funny because it’s right on time for Him.

  • Anna says:

    Anne–I always think God is “holding out” on me. What is that about us women?
    Jimmy–you’re right! ask my boss that question and he’d have a difference answer!
    Cindy–You’re so right. His timing is always perfect! If we could just learn to trust it!

  • I would not have been the end of the world and He is always right on time. I just like the fact that I can always count on you to deliver. Of course it’s God, through you…

  • Mom says:

    I love it that God keeps asking you that question! And the answer always is the same!! Imagine that!! I wonder why we are always so surprised.

  • Katie says:

    It happens to me all the time!

    I will wake up five minutes before I have to leave for class and I’ll completely stress out/praying all the way there until I find that class is cancelled or the professor is late as well. . . it makes me smile.

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