Connectivity (1 of 3)

I’m going to try an experiment today. 

I plan on leaving my phone at home.  I want to turn it off and leave it sitting on my bedside table.  Why the sudden, rash decision to live so outside the norm? 

I’ve recently realized how addicted I’ve become to my phone. 

It’s not just that.  I’m addicted to the feeling of connection.  The idea came, when, yesterday, I realized I hadn’t been recieving my text messages.  In a panic, I called AT&T to set my plan straight.  What I realized during that time of complete social dryness is that I hinge so much of my identity on other people.  I put so much stock in the volume of my connectivity that I feel like I miss the point. 

So, I want to see if I could go a whole day without it.   

Here are a few thoughts running through my head right now…

What if someone wants to get a hold of me?

What if I miss an opportunity?

What if I get in a wreck and have no way to call someone for help? (This is an actual fear, so I plan on driving very carefully today.) (…because I don’t drive carefully every other day?  Whatever.)

I want my identity to be in one Thing, one Person.  This is my crazy way of making sure that happens.  Think I can do it?

3 Responses to “Connectivity (1 of 3)”

  • Mom says:

    Oh, good. When I read the first line I thought you would finish your post by saying it was because your mom calls and texts you too much! Whew!!

    Yeah, you can do it. 😉

  • princessjes says:

    oh ANNA… I can’t wait to hear about this one… I’m proud (the good kind…if that exists)
    Have a great day… now a day without internet, that would be impressive… one of these days…no phone, no internet, just Jesus! I look forward to it, in fact I think I’ll have to have a day like that soon!!!

  • No you can’t and unfortunately I can’t either!

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