Connectivity (3 of 3)

As I reflect on our obsession to connect I cannot forget the very reason we were made with this synaptic craving.

The Creator carries in Himself the very desire to connect and He placed it in each of us when He put us together.

So while modern technology has made it incredibly easy to connect with those around us (I wrote this blog from my phone!) we cannot forget to connect with the One who made it all possible.

His desire is for us.

So among the turkey, the pumpkin pies, and the family craziness, don’t forget to stop and spend some time connecting to our Lord, our Savior, our Love.

Our ability to truly connect depends on Him.

2 Responses to “Connectivity (3 of 3)”

  • princessjes says:

    Good ANNA!!! I love it!
    For the next hour… my phone is going off, I’m making myself some pomegranate green tea with honey & lemon & cozy-ing up with a blankie & my Bible!!! Yippie.. lets’ connect with our life blood so we can connect well with those who share our blood. (and other family & friends) LOVE YA!!!

  • Blake says:

    where have i heard this before?? its kind of like the hub of a bike…hehe

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