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Little Things I’ve Learned Living in a Big Family (1 of 5)

I’m the fourth of seven siblings. My immediate family consists of 9 (count ’em) nine people! I realize this is not the norm for today’s culture. I also realize that because of my unusual family and even stranger up-bringing I’m a bit different than the average person. So this week I’ll share a few things I’ve learned from living in a big family.


When you have nine people in your family the term “necessities” takes on a whole new meaning. Most people would consider a cell phone a necessity, a car, a computer, a weekly visit to the massage or nail lady…(okay, kidding about that one… Or am I?)

Growing up in a big family has taught me that it is possible to live below my means.

I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 16 years-old and had a job where I could pay for it. I didn’t buy my own car until I had cash enough to pay for it all at once. My family never went out to eat only because a meal that would feed all of us cost around $70! And that’s the all-you-can-eat buffet at CiCi’s! My mom cut our hair and I wore hand-me-downs for most of my Jr. High years… Mostly because we had to.

Now, I’m on my own and I make a pretty good living for just one person. And even though I do enjoy some of life’s little pleasures I’ve learned not to take it too far. It would be easy to start adding things in my life that aren’t considered “necessities” but the lesson of living below my means, taught to me by my family, has carried over.

It’s the secret to financial freedom.

Are there some “necessities” you could give up in order to live below your means?

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