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Final Boarding Call (3 of 5)

Sorry for the delay of post… I’m without electricity and staying with a great freind of mine! 

“Leaning Tower of Pisa

On one of my adventures we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Pisa, Italy.


Many people don’t know, but the tower was never intended to lean.  When it was built (from 1173to 1350) the foundation was less than excellent, but the builders and the architect, Bonanno Pisano didn’t think it would make a huge difference.  They argued that the 8 foot thick walls at the base of the tower were more than enough to keep the tower strong.  What they didn’t realize is that strength is meaningless without a firm foundation. 


The Tower began to lean, a ¼ of an inch a year and little by little the integrity of the structure became obviously vulnerable. 


It makes me think about my own life.  Am I building on a foundation that is less than excellent?  Do I need to get back to the basics, tighten my boundaries and make sure my foundation is firm, before I continue building and risk weakening my structural integrity? 


The question also begs of my character, when is a ¼ of an inch too much?  A little slide here, a small slip up there and before I know it I’ve caused a breach in the vessel God is building.   


 Ask yourself those questions above and tell me what you think. 

tower1.JPGPhotograph taken by Anna Meadows Copyright 2004

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