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Transmissions and Procrastination…

About a week ago I noticed my car was shifting hard.  Sometimes when I started it in the morning it wouldn’t shift at all.  I’d have to wait for it to warm up before it would even move forward.  I waited for days, arguing with myself that I didn’t have time to get it in the shop, and just hoped the problem would go away.  It didn’t. 

I finally put it in the shop yesterday and got a call this morning saying my car was leaking transmission fluid.  The loss of fluid was so bad that it burned up my transmission.  Now I’m facing a possible bill of $2,000 to get it replaced, all because I didn’t take the time to take care of the problem when I should. 

It reminds me of life.  And without getting too preachy, or cliche I just want to ask a question.  Are there things in our lives that we need to take care of NOW before the problems get worse? 

Please pray for me as I figure out how to pay for a new transmission.  Pray also, that God will cure me of the evil sickness called procrastination.  Anyone else struggle with this horrible disease? 

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