I was sitting at lunch with a friend of mine the other day… our conversation about my lack of dating went something like this…

Me: “The only place I really get a chance to “get out” is at church!”  

Friend: “…there’s cute guys at church.”

Me: “Yeah, but it’s hard to date guys at church because if it didn’t work out I’d still have to see them every week.”

Friend: “That’s true.”

Me: “So where do I go to meet guys?”

Friend: “Barnes and Noble?”

We laughed… HARD!

Can anyone help me with my dilemma? 

4 Responses to “Conversations…”

  • princessjes says:

    I don’t understand the dilemma…just become a nun and there is no problem!

  • Anna says:

    Oh, Jess… thanks, that’s awesome! LOL!!

  • brittney says:

    lol, you guys are such dorks… but thats why i love you so much! but when you try to set it up and say… “i’m going to barnes and noble to meet a guy,” or i’m going this place or that place to meet someone then it puts too much pressure on you to be trying to bring sexy back every time you are going to this place because you will have the intention of meeting mc dreamy! lol, for the grey’s fans… but i think once you take the where do i go out of it and just stick to what your looking for in a man, you can find a guy anywhere you go! so i think the dilemma isn’t where to go, it’s what does anna want out of this young man, and what should he be bringing to the table… once you get that… the rest is cake! :-)

  • Libby says:

    Oooh, I like Brittney’s comment. :) Now I know all of this is easier said than done. But I think a lot of finding that guy is when we quit trying. (Just like a lot of other areas in our lives and walk with Him.) All I know is after many years of looking and wanting and searching and watching romantic comedies weekly, I was finally at a place where I was totally content being single and just having fun. Honestly, prob first time in my life totally happy with lots of friend and Him. Then I met my husband. :)

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