With Many Advisers…

I’m 21 years old and there’s still a LOT I don’t know.  I never want to think I have it all figured out

When you were 21, what one thing do you wish someone would’ve told you?  

10 Responses to “With Many Advisers…”

  • Cindy Beall says:

    I wish someone would have told me that I didn’t have to have my life figured out or planned out at 21. I sometimes think it’s ridiculous when we think that 19, 20, 21 and even 22-year olds should know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives. They are barely out of high school and need some time to get their feet wet…to see what they enjoy doing and are passionate about. The bachelor’s degree that I hold is great, but I’m so going in a different direction from it. And my husband didn’t even acquire his degree until he was 26!

    I say to anyone who is your age, Anna, to give themselves some time if they are uncertain as to their path at the present moment.

  • Sheri says:

    Anna, great question! I didn’t have an ounce of wisdom at 21! I didn’t walk in a relationship with the..I was LOST!

    In Is. 43 (20 something) – it says, I formed you for myself, but you have yet to toil for me. – ouch! He just wants me.

    I wish I had known that if we meditate on Christ (& the Word), that we will be like trees by streams of water and would produce fruit in due season and everything we touh would prosper. Ask for wisdom and HE will provide (we have not because we ask not).

    I wish I had known what to trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding meant! I would have spent alot less time trying to figure out/understand everything that was going on (wasted alot less time – talking about it – hashing it out – worrying over it!)

    Pray Eph. 1:17-23 over your own life for 1 year – AMAZING!

  • Hope says:

    I wish someone would have told me about Jesus. I try not to dwell on the fact that I would wait another 20 years (or so) to find out that He was just waiting for me to invite Him into my heart. I try not to dwell on, and look at these years as having been wasted, but I sure wish someone would have seen the need in me to know Him. I guess this is what fuels my passion to look for that need in others.

  • Listen! Listen to Mentors, Listen to Parents, Listen to Friends, Listen to God!

  • massivetruth says:

    Invest in people. They are worth it and the ROI is incredible.

    Think everything through. Even those times when you think it makes perfect sense. Don’t rush. Wait it out.

  • princessjes says:

    I’m not 21 but I wish someone would say…it is ok to fail!
    You are not going to do everything perfectly. (and not just say it but actually extend the grace to fail.)

  • Anna says:

    Cindy–I agree! Thank you so much! I think this trips up many young people!
    Sheri–WISDOM! My daily prayer! Thank you!
    Hope–I’m glad you know Him now!
    Scott–You’re SO right (as usual) thanks for being one of those mentors for me!
    massivetruth–I totally agree… it’s ALL about the people!
    Jess–You’re wise beyond your years! But you’re right! Failing is a good thing!

  • Nicole says:

    I wish someone would have told me I cant make everyone happy. But I am still learning I am only 25=) I love you!

  • erin says:

    I wish I would have made the most of life & enjoyed the place I was in. At that time in my life I was always looking to what was next, instead of living in the moment. If only I had relished that time more & gotten out there & done more stuff that I have a passion for. This is the time in your life to do those things you’ve always wanted to do. Travel, take classes, write books, get a chiseled body etc. (whatever God has laid on your heart). Live your life with purpose for that moment in time doing things that will make you a more rounded person so that you have much to offer in the years to come.

  • Sarah says:

    I wish someone would’ve told me that drinking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Waiting until the day I turned 21 to drink was definitely obeying the law, but it’s like I was waiting for something sacred!! How ridiculous! I even thought “Look at me, I can drink.” Hmm.. to understand what we truly value is apparent in my eyesight lately…

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