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Confessions of a scared 21-year-old

Can I be honest?  There’s something God wants me to do and I’m not doing it.  There are several reasons why I’m not doing it. 

A.  I’m scared. 

B. I’m afraid of putting a lot of work into something that will never happen… and

C. I’m scared.


So… I’m scared, I’m afraid and I’m scared. 


What is this thing that God wants me to do?  I hate to even say it, because it sounds so fake, so unoriginal.  I guess I worry what people will think, especially if I fail.  I suppose I’m just insecure about it all… But I can’t escape the nagging thoughts that attack my mind when the busyness of life is quieted… it’s when I’m driving, or lying awake at night…  I know this is something He is calling me to do. 


So why am I running?  Can anyone help? 

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