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Lessons from a three-year-old

Saturday my niece, Lily had a birthday at McDonalds.  She and about ten other three-year-olds traversed the bold-colored plastic playground before they dove into their hamburgers and French fries.  Always the participator, I ignored the sign that read “children 48 inches and smaller only,” and took my turn in the blue, static-filled, winding slide. 


It was a blast.  It was freedom at it’s finest.  (Except when I almost got stuck!) Entering into those plastic tubes was like entering into the carefree world of a child.  I learned a few things that I hope I will never forget. 


  • Everyone’s a friend, even strangers. 

  • Sometimes they laugh for no apparent reason. 

  • They’re always ready to be comforted when they hurt. 

  • And most importantly, they haven’t been taught to care what people think. 


Read those again and ask yourself, when was the last time you acted like a three-year-old? 


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