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Fat or Fit?

Here is a post I wrote for Swerve a couple months ago.  Thought I’d share it with some of you who didn’t get a chance to read it.   


Fat or Fit?


Recently I’ve lost around 60 pounds.  With a loss of this magnitude it’s inevitable that one gains a new way of thinking.  Since dropping the weight I’ve become less inwardly focused, and less concerned about what others think, because I am no longer insecure with the way I look.  It has freed me to be who I am, freed me to focus on others, freed me to engage in activities I would never have considered before. 


During this time of transformation I drew a parallel to ministry.  Before came into my life I had a consumerist mindset.  I would have called myself a “fat” Christian.  I thought the church was here for me, looked to ministries to fill my needs, complained if the worship didn’t move me, or if the message wasn’t deep enough.  Since being a part of I’ve learned the difference in being a fat Christian and a fit Christian. 


Fat Christians say…

“Why don’t you have this ministry at your church?”


Fit Christians say…

“Can I start a group that does this kind of ministry?  Maybe there are other people that would like to join…”


Fat Christians will…

sit in the same pew each week and rarely venture out of their circle of friends.


Fit Christians will…

find opportunities to change things up and try to involve those on the outskirts. 


Fat Christians focus…

on how to better themselves.


Fit Christians focus…

on those who don’t know Jesus.


Fat Christians do…

what’s easy and safe.


Fit Christians do…

what’s difficult and counterintuitive.


Fat Christians think…

it’s all about them.


Fit Christians know…

it’s all about HIM. 


I’m working everyday to be a fit Christian and to inspire those around me to this way of thinking.  What are your thoughts? 

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