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I’m Rich!

I often visit my students during lunch at their school cafeteria.  On this particular visit I sat next to one of my students and noticed he wasn’t eating.  So I ask him,


“Where’s your lunch?”


He got this shocked look on his face like he was quickly trying to think of something to say.


“Oh, I’m not hungry.”


I left it alone, but watched him through out our conversation.  He eyed everyone else’s food, and when the kid sitting across from him pushed his plate away holding a handful of cold French fries, my student started eating until they were gone. 


It wasn’t that he wasn’t hungry, it’s that he didn’t have a buck 50 to buy his own meal!  I sat there as the realization and the hopelessness sunk in.  Later I learned this student lives with his alcoholic mother who could care less that her son doesn’t even have enough money to feed himself during the day! 


 I cried all day.  I’m not broke.  I’m rich.  Very rich. 


 God! What can we do?  

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