Hold me back!

I’m so sorry to all my blogging friends for the post delay.  After Wednesday night I had a crazy, busy day on Thursday!  SO much is happening at our campus, that’s it’s hard to put into words… Craig calls it the “it” factor… when a campus just has “it” everyone can fill it!  Come to Northwest sometime… you’ll see what I mean. 

 Wednesday night was Am-azing!  We split into two experiences, one for mid high (6-8th) and one for Sr. high (9th-12th) The feel on the campus was electric.  Adult leaders were connecting with students, students were jumping around during worship, others accepted Christ for the first time ever! There’s always kinks to work out when you make a change… but the way the adult leaders and the students are responding to the change is amazing.  Come check us out on a Wednesday night sometime! It’s the place to be!

On a personal note: another reason for the delay of writing is on Thursday night I got sick. Dog sick.  To spare you the grusome details let’s just say stuff was coming out of every hole in my body.  (Wow, that’s gross!) But really, I was half dead on Friday and some of Saturday, but today, I’m feeling much better and can’t wait to tackle another week of work and blogging!

Hold me back, baby!

How was the week for you?

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