I’m Broke!

About a month ago I prayed that God would help me put my trust in Him and not in my money.  Before working for Lifechurch.tv, I had a part time job at a reputable oil and gas company.  Though it was part time, I had full time pay and benefits.  I accumulated quite a savings. 

I didn’t realize God would answer in such an obvious way.  I mean, when I prayed that prayer, I was thinking he would just magically make me trust in Him instead of my bank account.  I didn’t know He was going to depleat me!

Since praying that prayer and having it reiterated through the Lifechurch.tv series, I have:

  • had to replace the transmision in my car = $2300
  • have to have an oral proceedure done by a specialist who isn’t covered by my insurance = who knows?
  • hit a curb and bent the frame work of my car taking me to a specialist who works on car frames = who knows?

Those are just the major issues.  I didn’t mention I lost my debit card and became overdrawn in my checking account. 

The lesson? Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it!

But honestly? I’m not even worried.  Actually, I’m elated!  I get the chance to trust God to provide financially!  Something I’ve never had to worry about before! I’m not even going to ask you to pray for me (even though you can if you feel so lead) because I know that God is taking care of me. 

The sweetness of my trust in Him is changing my life.

What crazy prayers have you prayed recently? Is He answering them? Are the answers what you expected?

In what area are you having to trust God more?

9 Responses to “I’m Broke!”

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  • Cindy Beall says:

    I asked him for HIS best in regards to my book being published and He delivered! I was disappointed for a few hours and then I got over it. Whew. Thanks, God.

  • Hey, you may be broke, but you’re still RICH!

  • As someone who is about to go out and leap into planting a church, this part is really scary. I have a job that pays me a bunch right now, and I’ve saved a ridiculous amount of money in the last two years… And I’m about to go work at a job where I have no idea what my salary will be (other than low), and where I’ll be relying on others’ donations (and there are no guarantees that anyone will give anything).

    Thankfully, I’ve probably saved as much in the last two years as I’ll make in the next two. But it’s still pretty scary (and yet exciting)!

  • Anna says:

    I don’t know what that car insurance thing is!
    Cindy–How true! I know it was a dissapointment… but He sees the big picture!
    Robin–should I call you Robin, or mom? IDK! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!
    Patrick–You’re taking a HUGE step of faith! God will bless you and provide all that you need as you place your trust in HIM and follow HIS lead for your life… it’s inspiring!

  • Oh, and I’ve been praying some really CRAZY prayers! Want me to share them here? ; )

  • princessjes says:

    Good post Anna, it has been a joy to be a part of your life, crazy as it is at times!
    I am amazed at God…
    let’s see, prayers…
    well, for MORE!!! and boy does He supply…more than I can ever manage on my own… let’s say D& I counted… over 150 cast members!
    150 divided by 1 = 150 and no rest!
    150 divided by 1+God and His wisdom = faith and absolute peace and purpose!

  • Erin says:

    I prayed that God would help Jon find a job that fit his calling. Now he’s in Iraq! Didn’t see that one coming.

  • Andy says:

    I am so freakin in love with you’re attitude. It reminds me of Paul and Silas singing in the jail cell. ^_^

    My heart just says “HA!! see. Proof! Humans can think like that and have faith!” Such an uplifting story.

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