Take the Lead (2 of 4)

Chew on this one for a bit:

“I was not made to do tasks.  I was made to lead.”

What tasks in your life, ministry and leadership could you give away to become a greater leader?

4 Responses to “Take the Lead (2 of 4)”

  • I struggle a LOT with micromanagement. My real problem is that I think I can do almost anything better than almost anybody else.

    I’m probably pretty sure that I can’t actually do things “better” as often as I think I do.

    But often times I can. But a lot of those times, even when I can do something “better” than somebody else, it takes me away from something else that I can do way better than anybody else.

    One time, for example, I asked a guy who was helping me cook dinner to cut some zucchini into 1/4″ slices. His slices, though, were horrible! They’d be 3/8 of an inch on one side or only an eighth of an inch on the the other… not even, too fat, too thin. It was brutal. So I ended up just doing most of everything myself.

    Now, in reality, it didn’t really matter (all that much) exactly how thick the slices were. But I couldn’t let it go. So I did it all myself. The problem was, when I took over the zucchini, I couldn’t devote enough of my attention to the oil I was heating up (in which to fry the zucchini). So my oil got too hot. Bad deal.

    Now, the truth of the matter was, the guy who was helping me didn’t really know the slightest thing about cooking, so he probably wouldn’t have been able to control the oil temperature just right even if he had been looking after it. I could have. But I took over the zucchini (anybody can cut slices of squash) and in doing so, neglected the more important matter.

    So, basically, I spend a lot of time doing insignificant things “better” than other people when I could spend that time doing more significant things way better than others.

  • Cindy Beall says:


    Is that comment meant for a leader? What about the person who is geared toward tasks? We have to have those folks, too, or the leaders wouldn’t be able to lead. I happen to be one of those tasks people…it allows my husband to lead our family.

    My two cents :)

    Oh, and Jimmy Paravane thinks that we need to find you a man since we’re your family. So, I’m lookin’ :)

  • Anna says:

    Patrick–nice observation. I’m also a control freak, and like things a certain way… it’s in giving those things up and allowing others to develope that you truly become a great leader…
    Cindy–Good point. Some are called to lead, others are called to support. Gives me something else to consider…

    I belive we’re all leaders in some aspect of our lives and sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, the tasks, the things that need to get done and it takes the focus off the primary objective: to lead. Take for instance your boys… it would be easy to get caught in the everyday needs… the “tasks” of your day, making sure everything gets done just the right way… there’s potential to miss the more important things, leading your boys, playing with them, stopping and listening… but I know you know this and practice it! It’s what God has been showing me over the past couple weeks… keep the main thing, the main thing: lead people. Don’t get caught in the tasks…

  • Laundry and bathrooms :)

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