Take the Lead (4 of 4)

“Leadership happens first with myself.”

This one is actually the hardest one for me.  To effectivly lead we must first lead ourselves well.  Having life balance will only make us better leaders in the end.

Please keep me accountable to this.  I’m bad at it.

What about you?  Do you have good life balance? How could it be better?

7 Responses to “Take the Lead (4 of 4)”

  • Oh, I’m terrible about this. I tend so often to focus on others’ spirituality at the neglect of my own.

    I’ll read something in the word and think, ‘this is great teaching material.’ Or I’ll hear a great point in a sermon and I’ll think, ‘ooh, I can really use this to reach somebody.’

    And I end up neglecting my own relationship with God for the sake of others’.

    Paul said to ‘look not ONLY to our own interests, but ALSO to the interests of other.” I tend so much to ignore those two words. It’s getting better though.

  • aaron says:

    i’m trying to just live…leading is too much pressure!

  • Cindy Beall says:

    I’m praying for you and will hold you accountable :)

  • mandy says:

    you have no idea how much the question of leading myself comes to mind constantly…

    ugh. yeah. i gotta get it together before i can be any good for anyone else!

  • Anna says:

    Patrick–I know what you mean… I’m making it a concious effort to read for my self first and for messages, etc. after…
    Cindy–I excpect it!
    Aaron–LOL… I know what you mean!
    Mandy–Have you ever heard the starving baker concept? Check out the Habitudes book #3… it’s awesome!

  • Pretty good now, could always be better and more intentional.

  • trev says:

    I get a tired head with talk about life balance. Don’t get to extreme, don’t get fired up, don’t give so much of yourself that hurts, so much that you have to rely on something other than yourself…hmm. I find when I push myself beyond what “I” think is balanced or beyond what I think I am capable of that is when God has the wheel and not me and that is when He truly uses me. So I say get unbalanced get freakin radical! I luv ya Anna we miss you on the Southside!

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