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What IS insecurity?

To have true victory in this area we must understand what it is we’re really fighting.  For the next couple weeks we’ll focus on these areas of discussion:  

  • What is insecurity?
  • What does insecurity do?
  • What is the secret of overcoming insecurity?
  • What practical tips can I use to help me live in freedom?  

What is insecurity?


Get a pen or pencil out and write this down!

 Insecurity is BONDAGE!


It’s bondage to two things:

            Bondage to believing the lies of the enemy

            Bondage to caring what people think


We will study both in depth in the coming weeks. 


For now, share your thoughts:


What do you think insecurity is?  Have you struggled with either of the two areas of bondage?  Both?  Chime in and help me out… especially you silent readers!



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