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What IS insecurity? (2)

Do you still have your pen or pencil ready?  Here we go…


Insecurity is an INNER stronghold that mirrors an OUTWARD struggle. 

What does that mean?  It means that even though insecurity may be an inner prison of bondage it manifests itself in various forms outside ourselves, in the way we work, talk, and relate to others…


Let me give you a few examples.  See if you can find yourself in one of these…


John has major insecurity issues that have never been dealt with.  These issues project outwardly in the extra weight he carries around. 


Jane also lives in the bondage of insecurity.  It projects outwardly in her fear of getting too close to others. 


Mike is extremely insecure with himself but you would never notice by the way he struts around in an air of prideful mockery. 


Susan struggles with insecurity and it is evident by the way she constantly compares herself to others. 


Kristi struggles with insecurity so bad that when she’s around people she wishes she were invisible. 


Tom can’t seem to overcome his inner bondage, so he’s loud and obnoxious and does anything to get attention… even negative attention.


I’ve seen insecurity play out in these and many other ways as I’ve observed others.  Is there hope for these people?  Yes!


Are you beginning to see a pattern?  Insecurity is an inner stronghold that mirrors an outward struggle. 



How do you think yours projects outwardly?  Have you seen other peoples’ insecurities play out in the ways listed above?  What would you add to this list? Which do you think is the most common?  Why?

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