Places to go… people to meet…

I’ve heard it said that “you will be the same person you are today one year from now except for:

The Places you go

The People you meet and

The Books you read.”

Know something?  It’s true.  Here’s what a year’s done in my life.


Places you go:

Costa Rica—there I learned to let go of something holding me back.  On the beach in Costa Rica I learned what it meant to truly trust the Lord.

Moving out—one of the biggest transitions of my life (up to this point).

Changing campuses…in a year I’ve gone from the South Oklahoma City campus to the Northwest Oklahoma City campus of  The change exposed me to many people…


People you meet:

My best friend—I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for your influence.  Thank you for teaching me to be myself.

My direct boss —you’ve taught me more than I realize!  Thank you for teaching me how to dream big!

My other boss —I wouldn’t be the leader I am today if it wasn’t for the risk you took with me and the way you’ve developed me.  Thank you for teaching me to use my head!


Books you read:

The Journey of Desire—words can’t describe what this book means to me.  (I plan to share a series of posts very soon!)

Good to Great—this book has forever changed the way I do ministry. 

The Slumber of Christianity—this book awoke me to the truth: earth is not our home.  I long for heaven after reading it. 

Psalms 18 in the Message—read it today!

 What about you?  Think back on your year… are you the same person?  How have the places you’ve gone, the people you’ve met and the books you’ve read, changed you?

5 Responses to “Places to go… people to meet…”

  • Ahhhh, thanks for the mention. Wow it is amazing what can happen in a year:

    You can either make life happen in one year or life can just happen in one year. The choice is yours and the results are different

  • aaron says:

    i would add the band you’ve listen too!

    Sigur Ros has rocked my year!

  • princessjes says:

    I’m proud Anna…it has been a pleasure to walk this past year with you :) Alot has changed in the past year, but yes I would say that I am the same person, just a little more wise and a little less apt to have to eat my words after speaking them
    The people I’ve met have certainly changed me…
    You–BTW-thanks for walking to some deep places with me
    My direct boss–WOW, can you say incredible woman!
    Your Mama & my other Mama Cindy, I don’t have words
    and more recently–a certain white lady, has made a season of potential struggle a little more bearable.
    Much love to them all!
    and Books– Man I love reading about Moses–it always fires me up! So many other good books…
    what was the other one… oh yea, places…
    Hello NW OKC LC!
    oh and Arizona…pop everyone over 80–new perspective on life!
    So GOD is GOOD! …

  • Esther says:

    It is so true! Thanks for sharing! Good to continually be reminded of and be thankful for!

  • Kevin says:

    I just read Psalm 18 (The Message), so thanks for that. My favorite part was the end of verse 30:
    “Everyone who runs toward him
    Makes it.”

    When I read that, my mind paused after “toward him,” building up a climax. Then I read “Makes it,” and it just made my day.

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