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What does insecurity do? (1)

Now that we’ve looked at what insecurity is, and you’ve heard a bit of my own battle, we’ll turn our attention to this question: 

What does insecurity do?


Many of us have discussed through the comments the deadening effects of this consuming disease.  There are several things that insecurity does, but in my research and observation I’ve come across two specific things that insecurity will ALWAYS do.  We’ll discuss those over the next few days. 


Are you ready?


Insecurity HOLDS ME BACK.


Imagine every insecure thought like a chain wrapping around your body.  If we never break the cycle of bondage these chains will continue to wrap around us keeping us from becoming the person God created. 


For me?  My insecurity held me back from a lot of things.  Being overweight kept me from participating in many activities.  Mostly, because I was too afraid of what everyone would think of “the fat girl.”  So I held myself back, watching from a distance, longing to be free, but not knowing how. 


For you?  How has your insecurity held you back?  Are there things you want to do but don’t because you’re afraid of what people think?  Are the lies of the enemy keeping you from the life you were created for? Share your stories.  You’re not the only one who struggles. 

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