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Alley Ways

Stay tuned for more insecurity posts in the coming weeks!  For now enjoy…


Alley Ways


Sometimes I feel like I walk a different alley than most people.  The lens through which I view the world is different than a lot of people around me.  (Some would call it rose-tinted.)  The way I feel about God differs and definitely the way I express those feelings is completely unlike those who walk a different way. 

I love learning from people who walk in different lanes of thinking than I do, but sometimes it’s just refreshing to find someone who walks your lane. 

  • You know the thoughts in their head just by looking at them.
  • You just “get” one another. 
  • When you’re around them you have an amazing feeling of rest.
  • You can communicate without using words. 
  • You feel the same way about a movie, a song, a sermon and even though you can’t put into words what you feel, they know, because they walk the same alley way.   

I’ve met only a handful of people who walk my alley and I thank God for them everyday. 

Do you know people who walk your alley way?  Can you relate? Do you “know” what I’m talking about?

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