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Love, Sex and Relationships…

Instead of writing a blog last night I worked on my message for tonight’s experience.  At SWITCH we’re in a series called Love, Sex and Relationships.  Tonight’s message is a Q&A–questions asked by the students about those three subjects.  Some questions include:

Why is sex bad?  How far is too far?  Is it wrong to have a gay relationship?  And the most shocking: Does sex in the booty get you pregnant? (Can I say that?)

Now, why, I ask, do they decide to put a homeschooled, 21-year-old virgin up on stage to answer their questions, I don’t know.  But that is the case. 

I could easily shy away, thinking, “I don’t have the experience to speak to these students!  What the heck do I know?” 

I’ve decided the answer is: TRUTH.  I know truth.  I know God’s truth.  And let’s be honest.  When talking about these three subjects that’s all a student really needs. 

Pray for me today.  It’s going to be amazing to see what God does. 

Have you ever felt inadequate about something you had to do?  What did you do to overcome it? Share your story with your fellow readers!

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