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Cook your dinner

Thank you for all the encouraging comments yesterday.  The day couldn’t have gone better, as I knew it would.  I had a peace all day and I know it was because many of you were praying for me.  One comment in particular stood out to me as we discussed the subject of inadequacy:

“Didn’t God choose a 13ish year old virgin named Mary to rock the world? Wasn’t she scared? YES! Just be willing to step out and He will do the rest!” Thanks Jenn. (Check her out!)

The Q&A message went well.  They laughed at the funny parts… and for the most part paid attention.  It’s always harder for Sr. high (9th-12th grade) because many of them have already fallen into sexual sin.  They are also not as prone to interact with you which is hard since I feed off the interaction of my audience.  But God prevailed.  His truth was spoken. 

There was one point in the message when I was drawing a parellel to sex and fire.  Fire in a fire place is good… fire on your roof… destructive.  Sex inside of marriage… good.  Sex outside of marriage… destructive.  To broaden the analogy I went on to say,

“Fire can also cook your dinner…” I meant it in the literal sense… many of the students didn’t hear it that way… if you know what I mean…

Have you ever said something and meant it one way but it was taken another? What did you do?  Do you feel the need to explain yourself if something you said wasn’t understood the way you wanted?

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