…and the Oscar goes to…

I love movies.  Maybe it’s because of the drama (as if I don’t have enough of my own) or the adventure.  Maybe because no matter how different we are, movies connect us in an obscure yet beautiful way.  Movies take us places we would never dream of going ourselves and give us an escape, if just for a moment, into a place where love is real and dreams really do come true. 


I love the simplicity of the statement from Academy President Sid Ganis when asked the question, “Why give Oscars?” 


“…we want to shine the brightest light we can on great film making.”  So thousands of viewers tuned in last night to see the winners for:



I always found it interesting the different ways winners accept their awards.  You have:

  • Winners who are prepared
  • Winners who are speechless
  • Winners who were prepared but became speechless
  • Winners who thank every person they possibly can fit in the short thirty seconds they’re given… or the
  • Winners who just let their hard work speak for itself as they offer a humble “thank you” to the Academy. 

So here’s to the “the art of the moving picture that we all love…”

 How do you think you would accept an Academy Award? What is your all-time favorite movie?

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