Cook your dinner

Thank you for all the encouraging comments yesterday.  The day couldn’t have gone better, as I knew it would.  I had a peace all day and I know it was because many of you were praying for me.  One comment in particular stood out to me as we discussed the subject of inadequacy:

“Didn’t God choose a 13ish year old virgin named Mary to rock the world? Wasn’t she scared? YES! Just be willing to step out and He will do the rest!” Thanks Jenn. (Check her out!)

The Q&A message went well.  They laughed at the funny parts… and for the most part paid attention.  It’s always harder for Sr. high (9th-12th grade) because many of them have already fallen into sexual sin.  They are also not as prone to interact with you which is hard since I feed off the interaction of my audience.  But God prevailed.  His truth was spoken. 

There was one point in the message when I was drawing a parellel to sex and fire.  Fire in a fire place is good… fire on your roof… destructive.  Sex inside of marriage… good.  Sex outside of marriage… destructive.  To broaden the analogy I went on to say,

“Fire can also cook your dinner…” I meant it in the literal sense… many of the students didn’t hear it that way… if you know what I mean…

Have you ever said something and meant it one way but it was taken another? What did you do?  Do you feel the need to explain yourself if something you said wasn’t understood the way you wanted?

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  • princessjes says:

    Again, heard you did AMAZING! I love that’s it’s about HIM & not about us. He uses us even when we’re sitting at our desks, not sure what to do or how it do it!
    Definitely have said things that I meant another way…all the time with my girls, they just laugh at me!

  • Hi Anna – I just found your blog via the Swerve blog. Just wanted to say good job on the tough subject and this is a great blog.

    Keep on being the lion.

  • yeah… one time I mailed some red hots to my friend in Germany… apparently, though, the post office has some odd restrictions on what you can and can’t send to Germany.

    The two oddest banned substances: cocoa powder and melatonin

    So I mentioned this to her, and she asked, “so who were the cocoa powder and melatonin for, me or jonathan (my other friend in Germany)?”

    “Well, the cocoa powder was for Jonathan and the melatonin was for you.”

    I had no idea what melatonin was, but apparently it’s something that helps regulate a woman’s reproductive cycle.

    Yeah… I mean, I think she knows I didn’t actually try to send her some melatonin, but I’m not really sure.

  • Kevin says:

    I said something last night for Q&A that came out wrong. I think I just won myself a SWITCHEE Award. Check it out on my blog…

  • Christi D. says:

    Ever had my foot in my mouth- of course! Thanks for sharing this….now we know why they refer to it as “a bun in the oven” :)

  • Cindy Beall says:

    All the time. I say things like that all the time.

    Proud of you!

  • roger says:

    glad it went well. Taken out of context almost anything you say can be taken wrong. But ti si always fun to throw “in bed” at the end of my fortune cookie fortune.

  • mandy says:

    anna… sometimes you just have to go with it! :)

  • Shanna Crawford says:

    I am proud of you!

  • Jenn Cady says:

    Thanks for the shout out Girl! That was very cool. Will be linking ya up soon! Here’s my opinion….

    Okay…sure, people have taken what I have said out of context…Yep, I felt awkward…like I was giving a speech in speech class for the first time and people were not connected to what I was saying! A million questions about my speech flooded my mind! AHHH!

    Here’s the deal! CHOOSE to Let it go…Now, if someone is stumbling along and they confront me, because of what I have said…then I will correct it…if not, and I am frustrated, because things did not go how I envisioned it…I have to let God reveal what he wants in others and let it all lie.

    Just stop over-analyzing it (I used to be the queen girl). It will only send you into an…Oh crap! Frenzy! Trust me! You’ve done what God has asked…now let Him do His work! You Keep Rockin’ it out and don’t second guess what God is doing!

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