Friday Quotes…

Here’s a question for us to discuss…

Is trust freely given, or earned?

Ready… set… go!

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  • Sarah says:

    its earned and I do a poor job of it

  • hmmm….well, from experience, if it’s not freely given, it’s not worth much….and hard to earn once it’s lost.

    The key? LOVING….ALL the time! Even when you don’t trust someone.

  • I would go with both…

    the only way to get a lot of trust is to earn it, and the only way to earn trust is to come through when a little is freely given.

  • Esther says:

    I’m w/ Robin on this one…freely given. Give much. Now it might be hard when the initial trust is broken, but I try not to expect too much from people sometimes…not loving them any less or keeping anything to myself but more about not letting it affect me by making me paranoid and insecure. Let the love freely flow from God above. Otherwise, I would have nothing to give.

  • I’m coming to your campus tomorrow.

  • Anna says:

    When I interviewed at Lifechurch this question was posed to me… I said earned… but since then I’ve learned it is freely given. It has to be.

    The Bible says that Love ALWAYS trusts. It MUST be freely given TO BE earned…

    Good job, Patrick and Cindy and Robin…

    What are some examples in your lives where this thought is true?

  • Princessjes says:

    I know I ‘m a little late as usual. I think you have to trust, but when it is broken it must be earned back. Love is constant, but trust must be kept…both are choices.
    Prime example…St*****ie–love constant, trust broken–trust built back, and I chose to give that again-love was always there.
    Maybe it isn’t necessarily “earned” but there has to be a point as which trust is built back.

    If there isn’t–If you get burned by a fire, you don’t return to the fire that burned you…it isn’t wise.

  • Sarah says:

    i agree with jessica

  • Trust is a very interesting concept. How do you aliens deal with the issue of earning trust back verses forgiving the person that broke that trust? It seems to be a conflicting concept. “I forgive you, but I don’t trust you anymore” seems to be just another way of saying “I’m not willing to sacrifice the pain you caused me by violating my trust in you”.

  • Jimmy – I totally agree with you on this one …it’s something I’m just now learning at this point in my life. It’s hard to be willing to be burned again…but I’ve learned that if love ALWAYS trusts, then….we must be willing to be burned again…and again…and again. (not talking about abuse here).

    A hard concept? ….oh yeah. One we will continually be challenged in.

  • Rachel says:

    I don’t agree with “freely given”. You asked about “trust”, not love or forgiveness. If I freely give my trust to someone to watch my child(whom I’ve never met, because they haven’t earned my trust, i’m just giving it) and they molest my child, I CAN forgive them. However, I don’t let them babysit my child again.

    If you simply freely give trust, you will be hurt…eventually. I used to believe this, and I DID get hurt… badly(not like the example above, however). Now, I have serious trust issues. People have to earn my trust. I do love people, and I have grace, and give forgiveness, but I do not freely trust people anymore.

  • Rachel says:

    …Hm… did I just write that? WOW! I think I might have some bitterness to work out. I also need to stop commenting on peoples blogs. Sheesh!

    ..Sorry anna!

  • Trust and accountability. That’s what is being addressed by the abuse issue raised in this discussion, isn’t it? How do you weigh freely given trust against being accountable for those in your care? Even when that person is yourself? Where do you aliens draw the line between trust and sacrifice? Between sacrifice and accountability? Fascinating topic, Anna.

  • Anna says:

    Great discussion, guys! Stay tuned for more thought provoking questions next Friday!

  • Rachel says:

    Jimmy- I’m confused… were you calling me an alien?

    Also- if the topic is “freely given trust” then you have to give trust to a person before you can hold them accountable. That is why I said that you must earn trust, but them I see where you think that may be accountability. Good point.

    Very fascinating and confusing topic anna!

  • Rachel- I call you christians aliens because you are not of this world. Hey, don’t blame me. I hear Skillet did it first. (grin)

  • Tara Brown says:

    For me, I am pretty trusting up front… but if that trust is broken, it must be earned back. And that is difficult for all parties involved!

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