Mission Impossible…

Dunt, dunt, dunt dunnut, dunt, dunt, dunt… Okay, kidding! 


I want all of you to know something about me. 


I have a mission. 


I know exactly what I was put on this earth to do.  And for the next several posts, I will share with you that mission. 


Since I was 18 (so, I’m only 21 now, big deal) I’ve dedicated my life to the study of this mission.  I plan to write a book about it, so your input and participation will be greatly appreciated! 


Though I still have a lot to learn, I’ve become a sort of expert on the subject.  No one is exempt from this.  It is something we all face.  Something we struggle with everyday, in every area of our lives. 


I believe that if we can learn to overcome this obstacle we will become the exact people God intended us to be when He created us.  Before the world added, warped, and tainted us into something we were not intended to be.    


So I invite you to tell everyone you know to check annameadows.com everyday for the next few weeks.  I invite you to print this information off and share it with those around you.  I invite you to share the lessons you learn here with everyone you come across.   


But most of all, I invite you to a life…


Free from insecurity.   

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