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Friday Quotes…

This is one of my favorite quotes:

“People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be, not what you nag them to be.”–Unkown. 

In what ways can you be more encouraging to your family, friends, husbands, wives… Who do you need to encourage today? 

Go do it!

…and the truth will set you free!

annaskinny.jpg Anna 75 pounds lighter! anna-2004.JPG


Let’s recap what we’ve learned the last two weeks.


What is insecurity?  Insecurity is BONDAGE                                    

Bondage to caring what people think

Bondage to believing enemy lies


Insecurity is an INNER stronghold that mirrors an OUTWARD struggle.

Insecurity is a VICIOUS CYCLE.


What does insecurity do?  Insecurity will ALWAYS:




As I’ve studied insecurity I’ve come to realize there are three major keys we can use to unlock the chains that bind us.  I will soon reveal these keys, but the choice of freedom is up to you.  It is up to you everyday.  Freedom from insecurity is not a destination you arrive at.  It is an everyday choice. 

What things have you learned in this mini series that you didn’t know before?  Which thoughts have helped you the most?


What does insecurity do? (2)

The next, and probably biggest thing insecurity does:

Insecurity makes me INWARDLY FOCUSED. 

It is selfishness at its core.  When you’re insecure all the focus is on one person: YOU. 


I can’t do this… what will they think of me?”

I’m sorry I’m causing so many problems.”

I know I’m just a big burden…”

I’m not good enough.”

“No one likes me.”

Add your own…


Insecurity is selfishness.  I’m going to take that a step further.  Insecurity is pride. 

“Whoa, back the train up… you’re saying insecurity is pride?  No way.  I’m not prideful?  What do I have to be prideful about?  I have a poor self image.  There’s no way I’m prideful!”   


Oh, no?  Think about this: Any preoccupation with SELF is pride.  Whether or not your self image is puffed up or deflated.  If our focus is ourselves we are prideful.  We are selfish.  We are insecure. 

Do you agree?  Disagree?  What sentence would you add up there? 


What does insecurity do? (1)

Now that we’ve looked at what insecurity is, and you’ve heard a bit of my own battle, we’ll turn our attention to this question: 

What does insecurity do?


Many of us have discussed through the comments the deadening effects of this consuming disease.  There are several things that insecurity does, but in my research and observation I’ve come across two specific things that insecurity will ALWAYS do.  We’ll discuss those over the next few days. 


Are you ready?


Insecurity HOLDS ME BACK.


Imagine every insecure thought like a chain wrapping around your body.  If we never break the cycle of bondage these chains will continue to wrap around us keeping us from becoming the person God created. 


For me?  My insecurity held me back from a lot of things.  Being overweight kept me from participating in many activities.  Mostly, because I was too afraid of what everyone would think of “the fat girl.”  So I held myself back, watching from a distance, longing to be free, but not knowing how. 


For you?  How has your insecurity held you back?  Are there things you want to do but don’t because you’re afraid of what people think?  Are the lies of the enemy keeping you from the life you were created for? Share your stories.  You’re not the only one who struggles. 

A look in the Mirror

Yes.  This is me.  Seventy-five pounds heavier than I am right now.  (I’m a little embarrassed to show this to everyone.)  Do I know this girl?  Sometimes.  Sometimes I look at this picture and think there is no way I could ever have been her.  Other times I look in the mirror and this is still the girl I see. 


I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.  It was the way my insecurity manifested itself outwardly.  The deadly cycle only made things worse: was I insecure because of my weight, or was my weight the source of my insecurity?  I didn’t know the answer to that question and it was obvious.  I was overweight, so I ate, feeding my insecurities without even knowing it. 


I was in bondage.  Deep bondage.  I listened and believed lies about myself: You’re fat.  You’re ugly.  No one likes you.  No one wants to be around you.  You’re undesirable and you always will be.  I cared what people thought so bad that I actually gave myself physical heart problems from stress and anxiety.  I was not the girl I was meant to be. 


What changed?  I’m not even sure myself.  But something did.  Something inside.  My eyes were opened.  I woke up.  The person I was meant to be pounded the door of my heart screaming, “Let me out!  I was created for more than this!” 


And the transformation began…


Friday quotes…

I thought I’d take a break from the insecurity stuff for today and pull a quote out of my quote journal.  This one rocks!

“It is only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.”–Tyler Durtan Fight Club

How many of you have seen the movie, Fight Club?  What do you think this quote means for you?

What IS Insecurity? (3)

Here it is.  The third and final point to uncovering the battle we all face.

 Insecurity is a VICIOUS  CYCLE. 

The things we use to mask our insecurities are the very things that cause us to fall deeper and deeper into bondage.  We often feed our own insecurities without even knowing it.

Say you struggle with insecurity because of your weight.  But instead of breaking free you run to the very thing imprisoning you: food.  So you eat, essentially because you’re depressed about your weight which was why you were insecure in the first place. 


You’re extremely insecure so you’re always putting others down, which makes you feel even worse about yourself… so to keep up, you continually tear down others which only feeds into more insecurity. 

You get the point.  Insecurity is a vicious cycle.  If we don’t learn the secret of overcoming this bondage we will continue the downward spiral until we’re so bound that we’re no longer who God intended us to be. 

Freedom can be found.  Ask me how I know.


(Next week I’ll reveal one of the most shocking photos you’ll ever see on  I’ll also share my own personal story of freedom!)


What cycle of insecurity are you currently in? How are you feeding your insecurity? What are some other examples of how insecurity is a vicious cycle?

What IS insecurity? (2)

Do you still have your pen or pencil ready?  Here we go…


Insecurity is an INNER stronghold that mirrors an OUTWARD struggle. 

What does that mean?  It means that even though insecurity may be an inner prison of bondage it manifests itself in various forms outside ourselves, in the way we work, talk, and relate to others…


Let me give you a few examples.  See if you can find yourself in one of these…


John has major insecurity issues that have never been dealt with.  These issues project outwardly in the extra weight he carries around. 


Jane also lives in the bondage of insecurity.  It projects outwardly in her fear of getting too close to others. 


Mike is extremely insecure with himself but you would never notice by the way he struts around in an air of prideful mockery. 


Susan struggles with insecurity and it is evident by the way she constantly compares herself to others. 


Kristi struggles with insecurity so bad that when she’s around people she wishes she were invisible. 


Tom can’t seem to overcome his inner bondage, so he’s loud and obnoxious and does anything to get attention… even negative attention.


I’ve seen insecurity play out in these and many other ways as I’ve observed others.  Is there hope for these people?  Yes!


Are you beginning to see a pattern?  Insecurity is an inner stronghold that mirrors an outward struggle. 



How do you think yours projects outwardly?  Have you seen other peoples’ insecurities play out in the ways listed above?  What would you add to this list? Which do you think is the most common?  Why?

What IS insecurity?

To have true victory in this area we must understand what it is we’re really fighting.  For the next couple weeks we’ll focus on these areas of discussion:  

  • What is insecurity?
  • What does insecurity do?
  • What is the secret of overcoming insecurity?
  • What practical tips can I use to help me live in freedom?  

What is insecurity?


Get a pen or pencil out and write this down!

 Insecurity is BONDAGE!


It’s bondage to two things:

            Bondage to believing the lies of the enemy

            Bondage to caring what people think


We will study both in depth in the coming weeks. 


For now, share your thoughts:


What do you think insecurity is?  Have you struggled with either of the two areas of bondage?  Both?  Chime in and help me out… especially you silent readers!



Mission Impossible…

Dunt, dunt, dunt dunnut, dunt, dunt, dunt… Okay, kidding! 


I want all of you to know something about me. 


I have a mission. 


I know exactly what I was put on this earth to do.  And for the next several posts, I will share with you that mission. 


Since I was 18 (so, I’m only 21 now, big deal) I’ve dedicated my life to the study of this mission.  I plan to write a book about it, so your input and participation will be greatly appreciated! 


Though I still have a lot to learn, I’ve become a sort of expert on the subject.  No one is exempt from this.  It is something we all face.  Something we struggle with everyday, in every area of our lives. 


I believe that if we can learn to overcome this obstacle we will become the exact people God intended us to be when He created us.  Before the world added, warped, and tainted us into something we were not intended to be.    


So I invite you to tell everyone you know to check everyday for the next few weeks.  I invite you to print this information off and share it with those around you.  I invite you to share the lessons you learn here with everyone you come across.   


But most of all, I invite you to a life…


Free from insecurity.   

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