What IS Insecurity? (3)

Here it is.  The third and final point to uncovering the battle we all face.

 Insecurity is a VICIOUS  CYCLE. 

The things we use to mask our insecurities are the very things that cause us to fall deeper and deeper into bondage.  We often feed our own insecurities without even knowing it.

Say you struggle with insecurity because of your weight.  But instead of breaking free you run to the very thing imprisoning you: food.  So you eat, essentially because you’re depressed about your weight which was why you were insecure in the first place. 


You’re extremely insecure so you’re always putting others down, which makes you feel even worse about yourself… so to keep up, you continually tear down others which only feeds into more insecurity. 

You get the point.  Insecurity is a vicious cycle.  If we don’t learn the secret of overcoming this bondage we will continue the downward spiral until we’re so bound that we’re no longer who God intended us to be. 

Freedom can be found.  Ask me how I know.


(Next week I’ll reveal one of the most shocking photos you’ll ever see on annameadows.com.  I’ll also share my own personal story of freedom!)


What cycle of insecurity are you currently in? How are you feeding your insecurity? What are some other examples of how insecurity is a vicious cycle?

6 Responses to “What IS Insecurity? (3)”

  • Theresa says:

    You hit the nail right on the head with the Food Cycle. I use to eat because I was depressed and then I was depressed because I was heavy and then I would eat because I was depressed. I can’t wait to hear about how freedom can be found.

  • Mandy says:

    Currently I’m in the “I’ll never measure up cycle.” I feed it by either comparing myself to others, not to make me feel worse about what I do, but wonder why I’m not in their position because I can do what they do and more. I’m working through this with my mentor and I take that thought captive just about every time (still working on taking every single one) and give it to God and trust that He has a plan and a reason for me not being in their position.

  • Anna says:

    Theresa–I know what you mean, girl!
    Mandy–that’s one of the keys! Taking the thought captive!

  • Abbi Zeliff says:

    Oh man! Shocking photos!! …drumroll, please…I have a hunch…you are BRAVE!

    I’m struggling right now with the “I’m not good enough” thought concerning some passions and things I KNOW God is calling me to do. The fear of failure. The idea that someone else will always be better than me. The idea that making mistakes is a reflection of how ‘good’ of a person I am. That when I DO have good things happening in my life, I don’t really deserve them. Blech. It feels gross just typing that out.

    Anna Meadows to the rescue! :)
    Love you, dear. SO GOOD to see your smiling face this morning.

  • Lon says:

    thanks for posting this Anna… insecurity gets the best of us, no matter how confident or accomplished…

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