What IS insecurity?

To have true victory in this area we must understand what it is we’re really fighting.  For the next couple weeks we’ll focus on these areas of discussion:  

  • What is insecurity?
  • What does insecurity do?
  • What is the secret of overcoming insecurity?
  • What practical tips can I use to help me live in freedom?  

What is insecurity?


Get a pen or pencil out and write this down!

 Insecurity is BONDAGE!


It’s bondage to two things:

            Bondage to believing the lies of the enemy

            Bondage to caring what people think


We will study both in depth in the coming weeks. 


For now, share your thoughts:


What do you think insecurity is?  Have you struggled with either of the two areas of bondage?  Both?  Chime in and help me out… especially you silent readers!



18 Responses to “What IS insecurity?”

  • Mandy says:

    I would be guilty of falling into the enemies lies. I don’t struggle with what people think of me all that much…except when it keeps me accountable to God’s word. :) I’m not sure what my definition of insecurity is, but I think I’ll borrow your’s.

  • Christie says:

    This is good…The Lord also showed me a while back that insecurity is PRIDE. I had always thought it was the opposite of pride, but He showed me that both insecurity and arrogance put the focus on ME and who I am…or think I am, without Him. In Christ there is no pride or insecurity, only humility. When my heart is not drawing close to Him is when I lean to one of these extremes.

    Looking foward to reading future posts on this, as it is still a struggle for me!

  • Anna says:


    Thank you so much for the thoughts… I think you’re right on, Christie… any preoccupation with SELF is pride, whether that be high thoughts of yourself, or low thoughts… it’s still focusing on yourself…

    I can’t wait to share the rest of the good stuff! Please tell others about this! It’s so important!

  • Cindy Beall says:

    Insecurity is choosing to believe the lies over the truth of what we know from God’s Word. We are God’s workmanship! He adores us. It’s so easy to say, “I love you, God” but so much harder to say, “God, you love me so much!”

    We must get to that place of believing what He says about us and to us. What is that telling him if we don’t? It almost seems that some Christians think it’s a badge of honor to demean themselves “all in the name of Christ.” I guarantee you He doesn’t want that. Romans 12:3, baby.

    We might just be telling our Savior that his word doesn’t mean a thing. Don’t want that, now do we?

  • brittney pirtle says:

    insecurity comes down to trust…. trusting in God and in those around me. i have come to realize that without trust i am not even allowing myself to BE myself… hmm… believing the lies of the enemy… i struggle with that, but it has recently become a daily choice to say “boo satan, leave me alone!” lol! now hurry up and post another blog! good stuff girl!

  • Abbi Zeliff says:

    From my experience, and from noticing other people’s quirks, insecurity stems from a fear of being who you TRULY are in Christ. Sometimes it’s because you don’t KNOW who Christ says you are and you’ve been letting the world tell you, and sometimes it’s because you have an idea of who Christ made you to be, but you’re afraid people wouldn’t fully accept you as that. Bondage, indeed.

    For me, it always comes down to what other people think. Just typing that makes me feel silly and gross. 😉 One of the greatest quotes I ever heard about that is “You wouldn’t care so much about what people think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”, meaning that they are worried about THEMSELVES, not you.

    You’ve been such a big help to me in this area in the past year that we’ve been friends. I’m excited to see what you have to say about all this!

  • Ryan says:

    I totally agree with Abbi. We teach people to know accept Christ but we don’t teach people to know and accept who they are in Christ.

    FYI, a great book that speaks to this is Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller.

  • princessjes says:

    Insecurity is something that keeps us from believing the Truth of Gods word!
    I have definitely struggled with both…still do…working on that!
    I agree with Christie…it’s a pride issue.

  • Anna says:

    Guys! Thank you for your participation… this is GOOD stuff from all of you!

    Britt–I’ve already seen a huge change in you in the area of trust!
    Abbi–you’re totally right on!
    Ryan–thank you for the book suggestion!

  • Count me in to the groupies of believing the enemy too often. The Truth will trump every time dad gum it! WE WIN!

  • Erin says:

    I have struggled somewhat with caring what people think, but have for the most part broken free from that. Every once in awhile it will creep in, but I love slapping it back in Satan’s face & not going there.

  • I started to post a comment earlier, but I was too insecure to do so…

    For me, it’s singlenessitude… Especially as a would-be pastor.

    There’s becoming less and less pressure to be married in our society (my cousin just got engaged (for the first time), and he’s 35, and that’s totally normal). Except if you’re a pastor. There, for some reason, there’s an expectation to be married.

    And, I’ll admit, I want to be married. And I fight against letting that dictate my relationships all the time (it’s getting better). But there’s a lot of pressure in ministry. And it jacks with me. It makes me wonder why I’m not married.

    I mean, if I’m a pastor, then I ought to be this godly guy, and cute Christian girls ought to flock to me, right?

    So yeah, it jacks with me.

    But I’m cool with it. Just now, God was telling me, “hey, idiot! I’m sending you to plant a NEW church. You aren’t exactly applying for a job. So being married isn’t a prerequisite (it actually is at a lot of churches – that makes me so mad!) for working for me!”

    Yeah, it’s getting better.

  • D.A. says:

    Patrick I hear your feelings. I think what is important for any un-married worker in the ministry is to seperate the difference between their call and their human entanglements. Look at Paul and what he taught about marriage in 1Cor.7. Marriage is the best institution God created but only if he leads you in to the marriage. When we get out of His will by creating something for ourselves just because of expectations or prerequisites thats where Satan wants us. Be focused on your ministry, don’t worry about marriage, pray for the things on your heart and before you know it God will fulfill your needs.

  • Sheri says:

    great series Anna…
    insecurity had me in bondage a long time!

  • nick says:

    bondage?? isn’t that some kind of fetish?

  • […] of us have discussed through the comments the deadening effects of this consuming disease.  There are several things that insecurity does, […]

  • Heather says:

    Insecurity to me is believing you are who others say you are and not who God says you are. He gives me all I need yet I am tempted to believe the lies of others. Unfortunately, insecurity is also the absence of faith…because if we trust and believe God, whom shall we fear?

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