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Additions are the hot topic of the week. 

Pornography.  Lust.  Spending.  TV.  Media.  Food.  Medication.  Alcohol. Approval.  Attention. 

We all seem to have that one thing that we can’t seem to shake.  As I sat in church  this weekend I was hit with the realization:  

I’m addicted to eating. 

I wrote a post about eating a week ago.  When I wrote this I was doing well on eating healthy.  I was making good choices, limiting my portions, honoring God with everything I put in my body.  But after a week of healthy choices I went into a tailspin, eating double the calories I usually do, like I was trying to make up for all those I missed.  Such is the cycle of my life. 

I take one step forward and two back. 

If I were honest I would probably say I’m afraid to lose weight.  Those few extra pounds are my comfort.  If I don’t have to worry about THAT I might actually have to start doing what God wants me to do.  (What is the “THAT” in your life?)

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it didn’t affect every area of my life.  When I don’t eat healthy, I don’t feel good.  I’m more tired which makes it hard to do my job well.  I get self-conscious because I start thinking that everyone must see the extra pounds I’ve put on and therefore I hold myself back because past insecurities start to resurface. 

Such are the nature of additions.  Those little things standing in the way of all that God wants for us, all that He’s promised us…if we’ll just step out and take it. 

Why don’t we?  And why, if we start to, do we regress? 


What addictions are you facing?  How are they keeping you from what God is calling you to do?  (Post anonymously if you’d like)

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