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I’m a woman youth pastor. 


Often times when people hear what I do I get a surprised look.  Women, in pastor roles are rare in the church world.  I’m thankful to serve in a place that isn’t afraid to blaze new trails in this area of ministry and go outside the stereotypical mindset of how church “should” be. 


Bottom line is this: I know what I’m called to do.  I know that when I’m pastoring, I’m alive!  So should I get caught up in the way things “ought” to be and miss my calling?  Should I allow the opinions of others to keep me from what I was created to do? 


It’s a constant lie I battle: I can’t do this because I’m a woman.  No one will respect me because I’m a woman.  I’ll get overlooked because I’m a woman.  I have to work extra hard because I’m a woman. 


I don’t want to become one of those crazy women activists who think they are every bit as good as the men.  I know my place as a woman but at the same time I have to ask: what am I to do with my calling?


If we’re to continue to be relevant to the ever-changing world around us are there some conventional traditions we need to consider overcoming?  I sure hope so. 


What are your thoughts on women in leadership? 

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