a guy named Jesus: “Do you love me?”

a guy named Peter: “You know that I love you.”

a guy named Jesus: “Feed my sheep.”

What is meant by “feed my sheep”?  How does this apply to us?

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  • Jenn Cady says:

    I think it meant literally and spiritually. I am the one in charge of feeding my dog. Without me …The DOG DON’T EAT! Jesus was saying…take care of them be the caregiver. Feed them by letting them know me but take care of them and love them like I would. Also, If I go away and someone needs to watch my dog, I want him to be taken care of and loved on, healthy and fed! My take

  • D.A. says:

    A herd of sheep and their shepherd is a beautiful example of how God takes care of us. It is also a great study of how we interact with each other. Everyone has their purposes if we yield to His leadership. Did you know if a sheep falls down he can’t get up on his own? It takes the shepherd or in our days now the sheep dog to help get that sheep back up.

  • brittney says:

    I think Jesus was saying if you love me, help a brotha out and let me take a break. Haha, Jesus punked Peter. LOL alot how he punks us in everyday life. Brittney do you love me? Well yea! Well you are needed at switch… That’s why I’m there every week! I’m not ashamed to say I got punked by Jesus! He needed me to help do his work, and as his child, I’m happy to do it. :)

  • Kevin says:

    Physical. Spiritual. They both work!

  • Kevin says:

    we used to feed our sheep pizzas all the time at SWITCH until the budget cuts….

  • Anna says:

    Kevin Morey… you crack me up!!!

  • nikkie says:

    for me it means….just do it. don’t ask questions, just obey. trust that the people he puts in our lives are gifts from him and he expects us to be his hands and feet. he didn’t say “if you feel like it, then would you please feed my sheep, when you are not too tired and have the time?” show me that you love me….feed my sheep. my husband, my kids, my coffee girlies, the community, the babies at work, their parents… get the picture? the list goes on and on……love ya girl. i’ve got your back!

  • Shanna Crawford says:

    To REALLY love Him is to REALLY love people….not just with words but in action and in truth. This is feeding His sheep.

  • I was at the N-Dub again tonight. Didn’t see you this time. I did get to chat with Mr. Williams though.

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