I’m a woman youth pastor. 


Often times when people hear what I do I get a surprised look.  Women, in pastor roles are rare in the church world.  I’m thankful to serve in a place that isn’t afraid to blaze new trails in this area of ministry and go outside the stereotypical mindset of how church “should” be. 


Bottom line is this: I know what I’m called to do.  I know that when I’m pastoring, I’m alive!  So should I get caught up in the way things “ought” to be and miss my calling?  Should I allow the opinions of others to keep me from what I was created to do? 


It’s a constant lie I battle: I can’t do this because I’m a woman.  No one will respect me because I’m a woman.  I’ll get overlooked because I’m a woman.  I have to work extra hard because I’m a woman. 


I don’t want to become one of those crazy women activists who think they are every bit as good as the men.  I know my place as a woman but at the same time I have to ask: what am I to do with my calling?


If we’re to continue to be relevant to the ever-changing world around us are there some conventional traditions we need to consider overcoming?  I sure hope so. 


What are your thoughts on women in leadership? 

17 Responses to “Estro-Gen-eration”

  • If the girl has been called by God, then God forgive the church that gets in the way.

  • “I don’t want to become one of those crazy women activists who think they are every bit as good as the men. I know my place as a woman but at the same time I have to ask: what am I to do with my calling?”
    Such a fascinating way to put it, Anna. (grin)

  • Abbi says:

    You KNOW God has called you to do this! Forget the naysayers. Think of all the Beth Moores in the world!! How many people have been blessed by her ministry?!

    I think more than anything, men just aren’t wired to offer compassion, patience, and nurturing in quite the same ways as women. That’s just the way God made us. I think all-encompassing ministry needs both sexes. God bless for blazing that trail. If any woman can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • Anna says:

    Thanks for the encouragement… you guys are the greatest…

  • Hope says:

    God has blessed women with an immeasurable gift of nurturing – what else is a shepherd(ess) if not a nurturer?

  • Sarah says:

    I agree with Patrick…it shouldnt be about gender or what people think of you!!!! We serve and follow an audience of one…what others think of us should not be our focus (I say this and yet struggle with this myself)

  • brittney says:

    Man or woman… Doesnt matter… Who ever is best for the role. And I’d have to say you are the best :)

  • Theresa says:

    I’ve never met you but through your posts you exhibit that you are a strong woman. Don’t let society tear you down or change you. You are called to do what you are doing. You feel it deep down inside. You hear God tell you to lead. Anybody would be blessed to have you pastor their children!!!

  • People who believe that God would love, save, gift, equip and place vision in women, only to have them serve by organizing nurseries, bake sales, or quilting bees, hasn’t met my God. There are too few of us women leaders, but that won’t be the case forever. Keep moving forward. Inspire. And pursue. The best is yet to come!

  • Jenn Cady says:

    God didn’t take Eve out of the bottom of Adams foot…no he took her out of Adams side. Side by side girl…together we have to walk through life. Hmm! Here is an interesting thought… the angels and Jesus himself first appeared to women after he died and had them go inform the men that he was risen. Yes women are needed just like the men! God is NO respector of persons! Keep it up!

  • Cindy Beall says:

    Operate in your gifting and calling…whether you have estrogen or testosterone :)

    You are wonderful!

  • Libby says:

    I too know what I was called to do! Go, Girl! :) I fully believe God made men and women differently to complement each other and work together for His purpose. This includes roles within ministry. However, I do believe men should be in ‘head’ leadership roles because that’s how He designed us as well.

  • Anna says:

    Libby–I’m not sure I agree… I mean, I know what the Bible says about women submitting to men, but at the same time what am I to do with my calling of being a leader over men? As I follow the Lord’s lead and grow in leadership, it is inevitable that I will lead men…

    Cindy–I think you’re right to say to operate in my giftings and calling… it’s just tough when people say that my giftings and callings aren’t acceptable or aren’t from God…

  • Although I have worked for some interesting women in my career prior to ministry…. I don’t believe the hype or the stereotype that all women leaders are the same.

    You are definitely called to do what you do…. and then some!

  • Brad says:

    Anna, I love your passion, it encourages me every time. If I may encourage you to move your arguments form your experience to the bible. Experience is cheap argument. We are all in the process of experience every second of the day. When you build you rational for female pastors form the Bible, statistics, and your experience then you might be able to lead people to a new understanding.

  • Jenni Catron says:

    I can relate to your struggles as a woman in a predominantly male role. I am the Executive Director for a large church in Nashville and I have not found many other women in similar roles in church leadership. It’s a passion of mine to find the balance as a women leader to embrace the uniqueness of my gender while also operating in the gift of leadership that God has given me.

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