Going to the Chapel and I’m…

NOT getting married.  At least not anytime soon.  (Scared ya, didn’t I?) 

I may not be going to the chapel any time soon, but tons of my friends are running full speed ahead to the altar.  It’s just that time of the season… this year I will be attending seven weddings! 

Three down… four to go. 

What’s struck me most about the recent weddings I’ve attended, are the brief messages of wisdom the pastor passes to the couple.  Usually this is text book stuff: recite 1 Corinthians 13, talk about leadership and submission… yada, yada, yada…  


However the past few weddings I’ve attended the words of wisdom have been surprisingly enlightening.  I’ve actually taken away rich nuggets of spiritual and emotional wisdom that I’m tucking away for later use.  I’ll share a few of those messages this week, but first tell me…


What words of wisdom were you given at your wedding ceremony?  Any funny wedding stories of your own or those you’ve attended?  How many weddings are on the calendar for you this year?

16 Responses to “Going to the Chapel and I’m…”

  • Jenn Cady says:

    Wedding are just an EXPENSIVE 5+ Hour party and “can” be full of Bridezillas and Mom of the Bridezilla Pageantry! I used to plan them for a private club…Now on the other hand…Marriage… is a life Covenant between two people and God and a life long roller coaster promise with your spouse and family!

    Strangest wedding moment for me was when the sister of the groom pushed the Bride in the pool, before the ceremony; out of anger…can you say awkward… That Marriage did not last!

  • Abbi says:

    I’m not married, so I haven’t been given any wedding wisdom, but I remember when my cousin Zoe got married, my uncle told Kris (the groom), “After you’re married, anytime Zoe asks what’s on TV, don’t say ‘dust’.” LOL.

    I have (so far), 4 weddings on the calendar, and they are all over! Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Detroit, and Norman.

  • Cindy Beall says:

    Um, I don’t really remember the wedding advice given to us :) Whatever we heard, we certainly didn’t heed it for the first several years of our marriage. Sad, but true.

    Keep learnin’, Miss Anna.

  • My friends Kurt and Kyla’s wedding was probably the best wedding I’ve ever been to (New Years Eve 2007). It wasn’t really anything spectacular, but the pastor shared a synopsis of their testimonies, which is the same story of God bringing them together.

    That, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as excited about getting married as Kurt was. I mean, pretty much everybody’s excited about getting married, but Kurt’s excitement was off the wall. It just made for an incredible atmosphere.

  • roger says:

    Since Shelly and I had a full Catholic mass before the wedding I am not sure anyone was listening by the time we got the actual wedding. But I think if everyone that is getting married would actually understand and follow 1 Corinthians 13 their marriages would last a lifetime. Too many think it is just a pretty poem when in truth it is all you need to keep a marriage together

  • Sarah says:

    I would agree with Patrick…Kyla’s wedding was probably the most beautiful wedding I have been to!!!!! There story of how God brought them together is beautiful!!!!!

  • mandy says:


    LOVED the title of this post. ha!

  • Anna says:

    weddings will always have funny stories when you have little kids as flower girls or ring bearers… that’s why there will be NO KIDS at my wedding! LOL j/k!

  • No kids in your wedding…..right! ; ) I can think of at least six that may be in it! And they’re so cute!!

    We have a tape recording of our wedding. Dirk gets it out occasionally…it was a beautifully, intimate time. Erin and Jon used some of the parts of our wedding…Katie and Alexander got married on the same date and same church as we did!
    That’s special….but NOT required! LOL

    Whatever you choose to do, it will be special and exciting!! Can’t wait!

  • Christi D. says:

    I don’t remember what was said at our wedding either- I will have to bring out the VHS! I only have 1 on my calendar for now. It seems like life goes in stages. Right after college we had lots of weddings to attend. Now we have our “youth kids” getting married (which will include you someday). Mostly right now we have baby showers. People in Oklahoma like to pro-create (a lot!). ha ha

  • Katie says:

    I can think of six more weddings that are left on the calender. . . we won’t be in the country for most of them though!

  • Nicole says:

    I have Wendy’s wedding coming up and thats all for now. But LOTS of baby’s. (not me) LOL

  • aaron says:

    all i know is that the pastor said now my I present for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Havens (my brothers name…oops)

  • Dianna says:

    When Tom & I got married my daughter, Linda was 2 1/2 and was our flower girl. During the ceremony she wanted mother to hold her. Then she decided to run back up the aisle to her Uncle Roy. Everyone thought it was so cute.

  • Erin says:

    Don’t forget the craziness that the groomsmen do to the car that you leave in. Our car was saran wrapped closed (had to break out the pocket knives to get in). They covered our windows in white paint, they smothered the engine with oil so it smoked really bad going down the road, & we got a flat tire (they swear they had nothing to do with that – yeah right! 😉 ).

  • Heather says:

    Our wedding was outside…in July…in Oklahoma…need I say more? Right as my dad and I were walking out to go down the isle a bee flew up my veil and got stuck in my hair!!! I started to freak out, but my dad just grabbed my arm, told me it was o.k. and all of a sudden I had peace. I think there’s just something about when your dad tells you it’s going to be o.k. you just believe him. And it did turn out o.k. The bee escaped about half way through and the wedding went great. We have now been married over 13 years!

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