One word

The best and simplest message I heard at a recent wedding was when the pastor gave one word to each the bride and the groom. 

Sitting in the pew I completely expected the words to be something like: Leader and Submission, but what I heard was surprisingly different. 

To the groom he said the one thing he could be to his wife was a:


Friend:  As women we must have someone to talk to.  When something happens we call our best friend to tell them.  I want my husband to be my best friend.  The best kind of husband and wife relationship is built on a firm friendship. 

To the bride he said the one thing she could be to her husband was a:


Cheerleader:  If a husband knows that his wife is his biggest fan, he can face anything thrown his way.  A wife’s role is to be a constant encourager, always giving life with her words. 

If you’re married: do you agree?  Would you say this is true in your relationship? 

If you’re unmarried: what ways can you begin cultivating these characteristics so that you will be a good husband or wife for your mate?

9 Responses to “One word”

  • greenup says:

    Those answers DO seem to be off the beaten path, but I’d say there’s a lot of value there.

  • Cindy Beall says:

    The cheerleader part for my man is right on.

  • Brad says:

    Let’s just say… most men would run through walls for the woman they love. All he needs to know that she has his back.

  • Dang it. My favorite topic(the nature of words), and I have to be all mature instead of all “paravanish”. Oh well. (grin)

    Marriage is more than this. Marriage is a reflection of creation, imho. When time passes and your spouse needs you more than they are able to support you, you’ll find the memory of that encouragement can sustain you as well. Love isn’t always about the now. In fact, I find it rarely is.

  • Hmm…I think I liked it better when I was all impressed with what I wrote. I looked at that and thought, I’m not completely wrong but I think I missed something. Then the word “Friend” in your post jumped out and smacked me upside the pride…(grin)

  • Shanna Crawford says:

    This is very true! hmmm…I am convicted…I have been a little un-cheerleader like this week. I think I will go tell my sweet hubby how wonderful He is!

  • Abbi says:

    I’ve heard studies and polls that show women need to feel loved more than they need to feel respected, and men need to feel respected more than they need to feel loved. Those labels of “friend” and “cheerleader” attest to that.

    I make sure to tell my friends and family how much I care about them, how much I love them, how incredible they are, and how I’ll always be available when they need me.

  • Theresa says:

    One of the sadest things that I have heard recently was when my friend said that she didn’t even feel like she could talk to her husband. It was like God was speaking to me through her about being grateful for the friendship that I have with my husband. Good or bad he is the first one I call to talk to. My pompoms are a little worn out but my husband is cheered on regularly. Great post!

  • Kevin says:

    YES! I would agree whole-heartedly.

    As my wife’s husband, it is hard for me to listen and respond with something worthwhile. I just don’t talk that much! But at the same time, that part of our relationship is incredibly important. And I am finding that the longer we are married, the more I love the sound of her voice and the insight her intuition offers.

    I also look for her encouragement. If she tells me I can do something, I am on it. I trust that intuition to a point of absolute faith. My wife has the most powerful influence on my life!

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