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Going to the Chapel and I’m…

NOT getting married.  At least not anytime soon.  (Scared ya, didn’t I?) 

I may not be going to the chapel any time soon, but tons of my friends are running full speed ahead to the altar.  It’s just that time of the season… this year I will be attending seven weddings! 

Three down… four to go. 

What’s struck me most about the recent weddings I’ve attended, are the brief messages of wisdom the pastor passes to the couple.  Usually this is text book stuff: recite 1 Corinthians 13, talk about leadership and submission… yada, yada, yada…  


However the past few weddings I’ve attended the words of wisdom have been surprisingly enlightening.  I’ve actually taken away rich nuggets of spiritual and emotional wisdom that I’m tucking away for later use.  I’ll share a few of those messages this week, but first tell me…


What words of wisdom were you given at your wedding ceremony?  Any funny wedding stories of your own or those you’ve attended?  How many weddings are on the calendar for you this year?


a guy named Jesus: “Do you love me?”

a guy named Peter: “You know that I love you.”

a guy named Jesus: “Feed my sheep.”

What is meant by “feed my sheep”?  How does this apply to us?

SWITCH remix

I honestly can’t explain it.  The energy hummed beneath the surface all night.  It busted through during mid-high worship as our students reached for Christ. 

I shared my testimony to a group of high school girls.  (That never happens)  I usually don’t have enough time to sit and talk.  I planned three different school lunches for next week. 

We tried something different in high school.  Split the students into small groups according to school.  It was amazing what God did during that time.  Leaders connected with students.  Walls were torn down.  I even met a few homeschooled girls in the process! 

God is so good and I can’t imagine doing anything else in the world right now!  I absolutely love my job.  I still ask myself, “I get paid for this?” 


As I type about 30 mid-high students are out in the lobby setting up for tonight.  By 7 the place will be packed with over 300 students ready to go crazy for this thing called SWITCH. 

My prayer is that some of them understand what they were created to do is go crazy for this Man named Jesus, who came to the earth to die for them. 

If you read this before tonight, pray for us!  Pray for safety.  Pray relationships will be built and strengthened.  But mostly, pray for God to show these students who He is…

Thanks! I’ll update tonight afterward!


A couple friends and I went to the Shane and Shane concert last night at Crossroads.  The night was rapturous.  Made me think of what haven will be like… I’m convinced we’ll have fog machines, lights and cool graphics in heaven. 

The Shane’s newest album Pages has a song called Vision of You.  There’s a line in the song I can’t get out of my head. 

“May the vision of You be the death of me.”

What do you think this means?  Was anyone else at the concert?

Another question…

After Friday’s amazing discussion I couldn’t wait to post the other question burning in my head:

Can you trust without love?  Can you love without trust? 



Additions are the hot topic of the week. 

Pornography.  Lust.  Spending.  TV.  Media.  Food.  Medication.  Alcohol. Approval.  Attention. 

We all seem to have that one thing that we can’t seem to shake.  As I sat in church  this weekend I was hit with the realization:  

I’m addicted to eating. 

I wrote a post about eating a week ago.  When I wrote this I was doing well on eating healthy.  I was making good choices, limiting my portions, honoring God with everything I put in my body.  But after a week of healthy choices I went into a tailspin, eating double the calories I usually do, like I was trying to make up for all those I missed.  Such is the cycle of my life. 

I take one step forward and two back. 

If I were honest I would probably say I’m afraid to lose weight.  Those few extra pounds are my comfort.  If I don’t have to worry about THAT I might actually have to start doing what God wants me to do.  (What is the “THAT” in your life?)

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it didn’t affect every area of my life.  When I don’t eat healthy, I don’t feel good.  I’m more tired which makes it hard to do my job well.  I get self-conscious because I start thinking that everyone must see the extra pounds I’ve put on and therefore I hold myself back because past insecurities start to resurface. 

Such are the nature of additions.  Those little things standing in the way of all that God wants for us, all that He’s promised us…if we’ll just step out and take it. 

Why don’t we?  And why, if we start to, do we regress? 


What addictions are you facing?  How are they keeping you from what God is calling you to do?  (Post anonymously if you’d like)

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