A couple friends and I went to the Shane and Shane concert last night at Crossroads.  The night was rapturous.  Made me think of what haven will be like… I’m convinced we’ll have fog machines, lights and cool graphics in heaven. 

The Shane’s newest album Pages has a song called Vision of You.  There’s a line in the song I can’t get out of my head. 

“May the vision of You be the death of me.”

What do you think this means?  Was anyone else at the concert?

12 Responses to “Pages”

  • Cindy Beall says:

    Maybe it means that one glimpse of the Savior will truly make us lay our lives down…desires, wants, all of it…to follow hard after Him?

  • Kristie says:

    I was there and sitting in front of you! :) It was EXACTLY what i needed, it felt so good to worship without limitation

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that line. I agree with Cindy, I think it means that just the taste of God’s love and power on our lives is enough to make us die to ourselves…or.. it SHOULD be… it should be our prayer.

  • princessjes says:

    so you thought of Heaven…me too! That’s exactly what I said in my blog…funny:)
    That was probably my favorite part of any song! It’s good stuff!
    May we live Christ in all we say and do!!!!
    The vision of Christ and what He has done for us, should be the death of us, of the things we “want” everything else pales in comparison! Glad we all went together!

  • aaron says:

    Oh, only if I could truely die (not physically)

  • amy brown says:

    anna! how fun to see you there! wasn’t it such an amazing evening?! i, too, was so struck by that one line…it was like it just jumped off that screen & gave me hope that looking at Him & what HE sees in me & for me will allow all my “stuff” to burn away!

  • roger says:

    it has to mean a death to the flesh. Killing off the old you that was messed up and moving forward.

  • mandy says:

    i’m thinking like Isaiah thinking he was gonna die bc he’d seen the Lord….

    love me some shane & shane…. LOVE ’em

  • Sarah says:

    My favorite part in that song is , “awaken what is inside of me tune my heart to all you are in me…even though your here God Come” The word AWAKE…that word just really sticks out to me.

  • Anna says:

    Amy–it was so cool to see you there!
    Aaron–the same cry is in my heart!
    Jess–I read your blog today and thought that was hilarious!
    Roger–death to the flesh, death to SELF… I hope and pray I’m able to SEE Him today to the effect that I die away!

    You guys are awesome!

  • I’m with Aaron, I do with I could die…I just get in the way, that’s all.

  • Shanna Crawford says:

    ANNA…we were both there! Starfield is one of my fav worship bands. I was sick but went anyway. I wish I would have known so I could have hugged you!

  • I am SO jealous that you got to go! I wanted to, but just couldn’t make it happen. : (

    May the vision of you be the death of me… I think the meaning behind it is this: the more we see, and understand Jesus the more our love for Him grows. We decrease self and increase Jesus in our lives! Thus the vision of Jesus is the death of us.

    I thought we were having coffee soon…

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