At one particular wedding I heard an amazing three-point message of wisdom. 

When a husband and wife are married they walk into three things:

  • Priority
  • Intimacy and
  • Power

Priority—No person will be more important to the husband than his wife.  The same goes for the wife.  They are each others’ priority. 

Intimacy—no other person will know you better than your husband or wife.  Sometimes they will know you better than you know yourself…

Power—When two stand together they are a much more powerful force than one.  They are able to face whatever the world throws at them because they know someone is right there with them. 


I love the thought that the same can be true in my relationship with Christ. 


Priority—Christ should be my priority.  I’m His.  Time with Him should be the most important time in my whole day.

Intimacy—No other person will know me better than God.  My faults, doubts, struggles and fears…

Power—because I stand with Him I am able to face whatever the world throws my way.  With Him by my side I have power. 

 Do you agree?  Which of the three do you desire most at this point in your life?

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