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What word are you?

There’s a recent study out using this personality profile system to determine the personality/ make up of the majority of students 6th-8th grade.  Taking the test really opened my eyes to some of the strengths and weaknesses not only of myself, but also those I lead, and those I minister to. 

45% of students 6th-8th grade are Sanguine (The people person)

27% are Choleric (The strong leader)

21% are Phlegmatic (Feelers) and

7% are Melancholy (Intelectual)

This is a good tool for parents, leaders, or just about anyone who deals with people on a regular basis. 

Take the test and see what word you are and share it with our friends at 

I’m a Sanguine Choleric.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m in youth ministry!

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