Friday Quotes…

Here’s a quote created by a friend of mine:

“The quickest way to build a team is to find a common enemy.”

Based on that quote, how many teams are you on?  What are they?

4 Responses to “Friday Quotes…”

  • Anna, I try not to do this to young, enthusiastic people like you, but unfortunately, this post topic earned a paravane comment. Can I apologize in advance? I’m having a very “inner wolf” week.
    Uhm…I’d be much more interested in seeing your “common enemies” list. (grin)

  • Hope says:

    So very true.

  • ypchick1 says:

    I don’t think that finding a common enemy will solve anything. A common interest or challenge, maybe. But in 1 Corinthians chapter 13, God tells us that love is the most important thing you can do. I mean, the 10 comandments are ALL about love. “love your God above all others, love your neighbor as yourself, don’t love any other Gods before me..” you can relate love to all of them. So is finding a common enemy really the best way to build a team?

  • Anna says:

    ypchick1–thanks for the comment! I agree what you’re saying about love. Belive me! I know about love. And you’re right, love can be related to everything… however, I didn’t say that finding a common enemy is the best way to form a team. If you’ll read the quote again you’ll see that is says it’s the QUICKEST way.

    When a group of people need a quick reminder, of why they are a team, it is a good thing to know what they are trying to fight against. When churches start arguing or competing, it’s best to remember they are not each others enemies… but the devil is their common enemy. It is a good check for the mind.

    thanks for reading!

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