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Safe Christianity

As I think over yesterdays post and examined my own life, I’ve noticed this “safe” mentality creeping into other areas. 

If you think about it, “safe” is really an excuse not to live the reckless abandon life of risky faith we’ve been called to live.  See if you’ve found yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • I don’t want to stop and help that homeless person, it’s not safe.
  • I can’t confront that person, how do I know the outcome?
  • I don’t want to invite them to church.  What if they say no?
  • I can’t love like that, I’ll just get hurt. (More on this tomorrow!)

When will we realize that true “safety” is only found in the risk-taking, dangerous faith of a heart truly trusting the Lord? 


Safe Ministry

I ran into a family who used to go to our youth group and church.  After we exchanged pleasantries I asked where they were attending now.  She looked at me with a sort of guilty look and mentioned a church down the street. 


She described the church and how it had everything they needed for their family and especially the youth group.  “The boys open doors for the girls and they pay attention during the message… it’s just…”


“Safe?” I said.  She looked at me a little shocked.  (I’ll admit, my tone of voice wasn’t the kindest.)  But then she just nodded like that was exactly the word she was looking for. 


Don’t get me wrong.  I want our students to be safe.  We strive to offer a safe environment for them to come on Wednesday nights.  But let’s face it: if you’re ministering to students who might have never heard about Jesus Christ you’re going to have a few issues. 


Is it safe?  No.  It’s dangerous.  Thank God. 


Maybe that’s just me defending our cause.  Or maybe I really do believe it. 

 What do you think? Is ministry safe?  If it is, are we still ministering to the people who need it?

Run in such a way…

Yesterday was amazing!  Not only was the weather PERFECT but the race was awesome!  Over 1,000 people came out to support the cause of the Red Bud Classic and run in 10k, 5k and 2k races.  The energy was electric.

My goal was just not to stop.  This being my first race I knew I would be doing good enough to just get through it.  I thought it might be pretty cool to finish in 30 min too, since a ten minute mile is the average. 

I ran a 27 minute 5k!  (This is not bragging, this is total shock and amazement!)  I’m proud of myself!  A year ago there’s no way I would’ve been able to accomplish that! 

I’ll post pictures later today… check back Unfortunately, you have to buy the pictures… and being the cheap scape that I am, I’m not going to!  I can’t even post the URL to the page that has them!  Oh well… tell me:

Was there ever a point in your life, recently or in the past, where you did something you didn’t think you could do? Share with us so we can all celebrate!


I’ll be running in the Red Bud Classic today at 2pm.  The race is a yearly tradition promoting health and fitness for the whole family.  I’m always up for promoting that! 

Come out and see us! 

Leave me some encouragement… I may need it!

I’d like to introduce…

Katie Sara Mansour


My sister. 

Katie is a nursing student at UCO.  She currently works as a tech in the Edmond emergency room.  Her most recent blog is about pain…

Check out her blog and show her some love… she’s my baby sis!

What word are you?

There’s a recent study out using this personality profile system to determine the personality/ make up of the majority of students 6th-8th grade.  Taking the test really opened my eyes to some of the strengths and weaknesses not only of myself, but also those I lead, and those I minister to. 

45% of students 6th-8th grade are Sanguine (The people person)

27% are Choleric (The strong leader)

21% are Phlegmatic (Feelers) and

7% are Melancholy (Intelectual)

This is a good tool for parents, leaders, or just about anyone who deals with people on a regular basis. 

Take the test and see what word you are and share it with our friends at 

I’m a Sanguine Choleric.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m in youth ministry!

A sad goodbye

After much thought I’ve decided this will be my last post on  Blogging takes a lot of time and commitment and at this stage of my life I’ve decided I’m not ready to give it all it deserves….

April Fools!

Come on!  Did you really think I would give up that easily!

It’s April Fools today… make sure you trick someone in your family or at work… Here are a few of my favorite April Fools Day pranks:

  • The year my Mom fixed us Malt-o-Meal for breakfast and dyed it with green food coloring!
  • The year my Dad left paper towels soaked in vinigar all over my sister’s and my room!  It STANK!
  • The year my sister and I got them back by hiding all the food in the pantry the night before… there were some very upset and hungry family members that April 1st morning!

Share your stories!  What’s the best April Fools joke you’ve played or had played on you?

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