Safe Christianity

As I think over yesterdays post and examined my own life, I’ve noticed this “safe” mentality creeping into other areas. 

If you think about it, “safe” is really an excuse not to live the reckless abandon life of risky faith we’ve been called to live.  See if you’ve found yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • I don’t want to stop and help that homeless person, it’s not safe.
  • I can’t confront that person, how do I know the outcome?
  • I don’t want to invite them to church.  What if they say no?
  • I can’t love like that, I’ll just get hurt. (More on this tomorrow!)

When will we realize that true “safety” is only found in the risk-taking, dangerous faith of a heart truly trusting the Lord? 


3 Responses to “Safe Christianity”

  • The quote that changed my life, by Mark Batterson: “If we were to truly act in our own self-interest, we would always obey God.”

  • Los says:

    I think safe is ALL OVER the south and my church.
    We are about to take a risk with a series here that is not going to be safe.
    I love it.
    Keep being unsafe in your attempt to reach kids who, quite simply, would not find Christ in a safe environment.

  • Sarah says:

    Anna is it possible to be “safe” in ones job and career that one chooses? I have been thinking about it and I really have been playing it safe for the last few years. I have been afraid of stepping out and being dangerous. I am afraid of the risk…and I am afraid of utilizing the TRUE gifts God has given me. I am working in the mail room at Hartford as a temp…when honestly I know that this is NOT were I am called nor gifted.

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