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To Journal or not to Journal

A lot of you might not know, but I have kept a daily journal since I was 15 years old.  That’s right, folks… I have everyday of my life on paper since I was 15.  (That’s either really awesome, or really crazy.)   Over the last few weeks (as life seems to get busier with added *cough* hott man *cough*—I mean added activities ;)) I’ve come to ask myself the question, is it beneficial for me to keep journaling?   If you knew me well, you would know that to even consider asking this question is a HUGE step.  I mean, I haven’t missed a day in 6 years!  But as I started to look into the subject more I realized a few things: 

  • Journaling one day takes 40 minutes!  If I get behind (which happens a lot!) those 40 minutes really add up, adding stress and even feelings of dread!
  • Journaling used to help me process things, make decisions, helped me see things in more black and white.  For the last year I’ve learned to process through talking things out, gaining wise advice, and using the thing between my shoulders more than the thing in my chest when making decisions. 
  • My parents concern when I last talked about giving up the addiction—I mean habit of journaling—was that I would stop writing.  But with you guys keeping me accountable I don’t think that will happen.  In fact, I think I will have more time to devote to blogs and book writing if journaling was out of the equation. 
  • Lastly, is that I really think it has become a sort of addiction.  Who’s really going to care if I stop journaling?  Who said I had to journal everyday?  Who put that restriction on me?  No one, but me. 

 The time has come to break free of some old habits.  I’m excited to see what will come of this new found freedom! 

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