Love 2

Love is freeing

Think about it.  When you love someone you free them to be themselves. 

When you love them with the right kind of love you free them from having to earn your love, or be any certain way except who God created them to be. 

Love is freeing.

Do you agree?

2 Responses to “Love 2”

  • roger says:

    If it isn’t freeing then what you are felling isn’t true love. Too often people see it as if they could change this one thng they would love them a ton more and it just doesn’t work like that

  • Abbi says:

    Absolutely I agree! When I feel loved, I know I don’t have to DO things to earn that love. I can be comfortable in my own skin and know that my decisions and ideas and feelings will be accepted, even if they don’t exactly match the other person’s.

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