No Air

Last Sunday I ran the half marathon with the Oklahoma City Memorial Run.  At the seventh mile I was about to quit!  My lungs strained to drag in air.  My legs ached with the constant pounding of concrete.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.   Then this song came on over my ipod.  There’s nothing spiritual about the lyrics of this song.  It’s about a break up:   Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air
If I should die before I wake
It’s ’cause you took my breath away
Losing you is like living in a world with no air
  So I don’t really know why it moved me the way it did; perhaps because the lyrics are sung with such passion, conviction, feeling.  (You really got to hear this song, can’t just read the words)  Jordin Sparks sings as if her very life depends on it.   All I know is that I made it through the marathon because the song awakened my own passion.  It reminded me of just how deeply I feel—and that it’s okay to be that way.   As I think of it now, the question begs to be asked: am I living my life with that same passion everyday?  Are we living for something we believe in so deeply that it would be like having No Air if we didn’t? 

5 Responses to “No Air”

  • princessjes says:

    Good post.. I love how we go through seasons of even thought at the same time…
    I pray that we would live each day as if it could be the last breath we take… what if it is?
    WE NEED TO BE SO PASSIONATE for God, that everything we say and do would glorify HIM!
    Let us LIVE each day truly ALIVE with passion!!!

  • Ame says:

    Great song!

  • Hmmm the question… I like the song and I like the question.

    Be Passionate about God, Passionate about HIS people, Passionate about life, Be yourself becasue no one can “do you” better than you, not enough time… this air is borrowed.

  • Shanna Crawford says:

    I am a “deep feeler” too…I pray thatwe can always live out this life He has given us with passion…to love deeply is to feel deeply.

  • Sarah Knief says:

    good song!!!!! she does sing it with such passion….good questions to

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