What is Wisdom?

I’ve been reading through the book of Proverbs over the last few months, picking it apart, really, and I’ve discovered new depths to the meaning of the word. 

What is Wisdom? 

Well, to fear the Lord is only the beginning of Wisdom, so I can only imagine what the rest of Wisdom must be like…

During my study of the word I decided that Wisdom is the desire to do God’s will above our own. 

Essentially, it is saying: “Okay, God.  You know what’s best and I trust You.  Your will be done.  No matter what.”

Do you agree? Are you living a life of Wisdom?

4 Responses to “Wisdom”

  • D.A. says:

    I agree Anna wisdom is more than knowing, it is actually knowing and doing God’s will in our lives. I equate that to living by faith which is knowing what God wants us to do but then having the obedience to act on it. Great stuff.

  • Sarah Knief says:

    I agree…good stuff Anna!!!! For me I often have the head knoweldege and yet lack the wisdom to act and obey!!!! If that makes since?!?!?!?

  • Joe Louthan says:

    Somebody told me once, “You are so wise.”

    I responded, “Thank God because without Him, I am a complete and total idiot.”

  • I agree with DA (isn’t that a coincidence) ; )

    Wisdom is knowing the TRUTH and then doing it. Proverbs leads us to believe there might be a little bit of experience thrown in too, since it refers to gray or white hair (crown). ; )

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